Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bikini Series Week 3 Day 2

Hi everyone!

Same as with the last two posts, up late due to life happening.

So Day 2 of week 3.

Woke up 5:50am and started my day with Energizing Morning Sequence/Yoga. I was sweating soo much I didn`t think I could top that, but wait and see.

I had an egg scramble with mushrooms, tomatoes, sweet corn and feta cheese with a slice of gluten free bread for breakfast, before I went to uni.
Drank up my whole bottle of the bikini punch (the heat was killing me).

Once I came back home I had a bit of that trail mix from the day before and then sat down to study for the upcoming exam. I saved some time to relax before my PMWO (well or to watch Hart of Dixie, I am addicted I admit it).
I started with HiiT me up which is a great routine. I still struggle with some moves but I just modify them to my levels.
After the HiiT routine I did not as shown in the collage Day 27 of Yoga Camp, but I did Day 28 with the mantra I celebrate.
I do not know what happened but I accidently mixed the days up and was already one day ahead and trust me I didn`t notice that until Wednesday after I did day 26.
Well back to the routine I did. I celebrate. It was energizing. It got the juiced flowing and by the end of it I was dripping. The sweat was just running down my skin but I felt great. I felt amazing. I was proud that I had pushed through. I was proud about my progress. Both mentally and physically.

And with that in mind I enjoyed the rest of the evening (with the same dinner as yesterday) and then went to bed.


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