Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bikini Series Week 3 Day 3

Hi everyone!

It is day 3 of week 3!
I woke up motivated for my workout and not so motivated for uni as I knew this exam in finnish literature was waiting for me.
I could sleep a bit longer today which was great so I went up at 7:20pm and started my BC with Yoga Camp Day 27 I am grateful. Which was an amazing mantra to start the day with.
I followed it up with gentle morning yoga, which I just love to stretch and warm up the body for the day.

Enjoyed my usual egg scramble and then took off to Uni. Repeating on my whole drive what I had learned.
Had a great exam and a great time at uni.
Once I came back home I enjoyed some pineapple with some blueberries. Topped it with a bit of greek yoghurt, honey and chia seeds.
I used the time to relax a bit before I studied for another 1 1/2 hour. Began to give my brain a break by watching Hart of Dixie before I went on to my PMWO.

I did the Carribean Kettlebell Workout from the Beach Babe 3 instead of the Kettle Flow from the Beach Babe 4 which I didn`t enjoyed that much (don`t like mixing yoga with anything else). I love the Carribean Kettlebell routine, especially the full turkish getups. Everything is just on fire.
I stretched it out with the stretch and release routine from the Beach Babe 3 which is amazing for stretching after a tough workout.

I relaxed the rest of the day by making some pasta with tomatoe sauce and watching two new episodes of Greys Anatomy (well at least new in Germany).

With my Bikini Punch prepared and my workout clothes  laid out I was ready to go to bed without having to worry about how my next morning will look like.


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