Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bikini Series Week 3 Day 6

Hi everyone!

Day 6 of week 3.

Slept in a bit and then went up to get that Bootycall in. Which was the warm up from the 30 min Bootcamp from Adam Rosante followed by the 20min Total Body Workout.
Was a sweaty mess but felt great.
Had that yummy egg scramble for breakfast, two Cookies for meal 3 to calm down my nerves.

I then did my pm workout which was Day 1 of the 30 Day Beginner Challenge by Kino Yoga.
First Pose was Downward Facing Dog which is essential but showed me that I really have to work on shoulder strength.
I followed that up with 1 Hour Total Body Weightloss Yoga from Yoga with Adriene. Where I noticed that my Downward Facing Dog had become a lot better.

Dinner was made before the Eurovision Songcontest (yes watched that with some of my Tone it up sisters, although I was more staring at Måns Zelmerlöw than the actual show)
I made some Tumeric Rice with Salad and a Fish Patty.

Snacks for the night were a small bowl full of paprika peanuts.

Great Day.

See you on Day 7.


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