Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bikini Series Week 4

Hi everyone!

I know I promised this way earlier and you may think "She is pretty bad in keeping us posted on her Bikini Series!".
I must admit I am. This is not because I do not want to keep you posted. This is mainly to other things that happen in life.
Friends and Family
Working out
Eating clean
going on Roadtrips
are the main reasons. Although studying is probably the one which takes most of my time.

Now lets talk about week 4.

Well I started week 4 with decreased energy levels. Feeling more tired than usual and just a bit off. But although I felt less energized I felt highly motivated and decided to no matter what do my workouts. If you want to know which workouts I did make sure to check out my Instagram (remember we are in the week from 16th May to 22nd May).
Although I stuck to my workouts and clean eating my energy wouldn`t come back. So that I on Thursday decided to give after one of my cravings and cooked up some pasta with tomatoe sauce.
Eventually due to all the studying, commuting back and forth from Uni I was also pretty bad in journaling and felt completely stressed out. But I may say that except of the cheat meal dinner on Thursday and Friday this week was clean eating and I stuck to all workouts even the Adam Rosante ones.

This week had teached me a lot.
By sunday I had realised that I somehow didn`t had less energy after all, but that I was tired of the things I am doing. I had fallen behind on my study schedule which stressed me out, I hadn`t seen the progress I wanted to see which stressed me out as well. I had thought of a cheat meal that had stressed me out.

All in all lets face it:

I was stressed.

With Hashimotos stress is something you want to avoid and I highly try to do that by being prepared and by always planning ahead but sometimes controlling your life too much can be stressful too.
So on Sunday I sat down and wrote down some of the negative things during the week and then tried to turn them into good things. I choose to only write down the good the things in the weekly reflection section of my TIU Journal. And the following sentences are what you find there now.

This week was tough!
I felt low energy although I was motivated.
I need to learn to except my bodys boundries while finding
a way to still make TIU work!
Maybe take a lighter routine or switch days according to how I feel.
I need to find what feels good for me,
now that I have formed a habit and made changes!

I must admit reading it now didn`t sound as positive as it felt the day I wrote it down but I still can see the positive for me.
The main point is to make Tone it up work for me, not for someone else, we all are different and we need to accept that and by saying that loud to myself and writing it down all the stress I felt was suddenly gone.

So lets see how week 5 went and stay tuned for new book chapters of Something Special (they will come soon I promise).


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