Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bikini Series Week 5

Hi everyone!

Here is week 5 (a bit late up, but scheduled for the right date).

This week I still struggled with the low energy I complained about last week. But we all know this is due to stress not to being sick. So as motivated as I was I crushed all my workouts. Went in strong, pushed myself harder.
Lost fears such as in holding a plank or doing a chaturanga.
I always had major fears when it came to poses and excercises that included being on my hands. I can`t tell why but it went that far that I wasn`t able to breathe. But breathing is important. While being in need on focusing on that over the whole past year I completely let go this week.
I focused on my form/ alignment instead and I saw how everything improved. So this was major progress this week.

I fell a bit behind on my study schedule this week as I went on a roadtrip to visit some family and friends during the weekend. Managed to still eat as clean as possible and enjoyed myself. I didn`t skip any workouts.

Overall this week was good and I was ready to form new goals for the next 3 weeks. Hopefully I will stick to them.

See you soon and take care.


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