Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bikini Series Reflections 2016

Hi everyone!

So sorry I didn`t manage to blog the rest of the series. Especially since we are already in the middle of round 2.
I just wanted to make everything work and have a successful Bikini Series, push through while managing university, houshold and everyday life.
I did that, but to achieve all of my goals I needed time. Time I usually use for blogging. But now enough of it. I am here to reflect.

This years Bikini Series had a great but rough start. A lot of videos had excercises that I had to modify which is frustrating. Lets name it as it is:

One thing that helped me was yoga. I had completely lost my core strength during my 3 months of pneumonia in the winter months. I had to tell myself again and again
"This is recovery. It is a process and you will get there". 
Of course did I see progress on the scale and in my pictures during the first four weeks.

My thighs had become a tiny bit slimmer and my abs more toned and less bloated. This encouraged me to try harder go in stronger.
I started the Summer Yoga Challenge from Kino Yoga which is a Beginner Yoga Challenge teaching you the basic Yoga poses (I will have an extra review on this challenge up some time soon).
This Challenge was also frustrating at the beginning. Not getting into the pose probably. Feeling my tight muscles and my decreased flexibility. Not having the strength. You name it.
But then again I did see small progress every day and every week and kept it up.

I did what I had to do focus on the goal which was 
Under 90kg.
So over 5kg to loose during this 8 week challenge. What can I say I lost 8 kg by then end of week 8. 

I kept it up. I did my Bootycalls and my PM Workouts every single day. Monday to Sunday. Implementing a habit. Forming myself a daily routine. Getting more and more used to eating healthy. Having my stomach on rebellion as soon as I tried the unhealthy stuff (there you go autoimmunity).
And by week 5 I was glowing. I was so happy in my skin and so proud of myself.

When I reached the 89kg in week 7 I was even prouder. First time in the last 2 years after my Thyroid kicked in and messed with my body I felt comfortable and proud of body.
I was suddenly able to do full chaturangas. I didn`t had to modify my Tone it up Workouts as much as I did by the beginning of the series.

And most of all I got the control over my life back, which with Hashimotos got completely crazy.

So what now?
Did I sign up for round 2 of the Bikini Series? - Yes.
Do I follow it? - Yes and No. I kept up my two a days workout wise and I kept up my healthy eating. I am down to 86,2 kg. I just had one throw back with a week of migranes and there I fell out of Tone it up and completely into the Yoga trott.
Am I okay with that? - Yes. I love Yoga and I also love TIU and everything this challenge has brought to my life. I just got tired of repeating the same workouts over and over again. I know I am going to rehab end of July and that pushing through my TIU workouts there will be hard, whereas yoga is easy to access just need to bring my mat, no weights etc. needed. It is important to move and that is what I am doing. I committed to 8 weeks of yoga during this second round and set up my own plan, which included another round of that 30 Days Summer Yoga Challenge (#MayIBeginYoga) and another round of 30 Days of Yoga by (#yogawithadriene). After this I am making my own plan. And once I am back from rehab I will get back into Tone it up.

Do I think this works for other? - Absolutely. The first four weeks were the hardest after that everything went automatically the way it went. I never felt my Hashimotos was getting in the way (yes I loose weight slower than others, but I loose it). I saw that I felt so much better and I am certain to say that it nearly felt as before my Diagnoses.

The Series was a Journey for me with ups and downs, but I have learned so much about myself and my body that I am proud that I pushed through and kept the habits I have formed up.

Have you done the challenge this year?
Let me know in the comments below.

I will see you soon.



  1. Also was mir allgemein bei TIU, aber auch beim deutschen BodyKiss Kanal aufgefallen ist, die ├ťbungen werden immer komplizierter. Ich glaube, es ist da ein gewisser Druck da, neue ├ťbungen zu entwerfen und so macht man jetzt Burpees mit Squatpulses und Mountain Climbers mit Side Plank Drehung und am besten noch einen Sprung dabei. Dabei bringt das - abgesehen von dem fancy Namen - nicht viel. Das Verletzungsrisiko steigt, die Ausf├╝hrung leidet und ich habe h├Ąufig das Gef├╝hl, dass es meinem K├Ârper gar nichts bringt. :D

    1. Hi, danke f├╝r den Kommentar erstmal.
      Wie du ja wei├čt bin ich mittlerweile nicht mehr wirklich auf der TIU Welle. Ich mag meine ├ťbungen kontrolliert und in Ruhe ausgef├╝hrt (was ja auch im Endeffekt anstrengender ist als das Durchjagen), weshalb mein Fokus jetzt zu 99,8% auf Yoga liegt.
      Im Nachhinein denke ich war dass auch der Erfolgstr├Ąger meiner Bikini Series.
      Was die ├ťbungen angeht stimme ich dir 100% zu.

  2. Das kommt ├╝brigens von meinem Blog ;)