Friday, July 29, 2016

Reading in different languages

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk about reading in different languages.
As some of you might know I am besides german (with is my mothertongue) fluent in english and norwegian (soon adding swedish and finnish, as well as hungarian later and maybe another language).
English I learned in school where as norwegian I learned during my year as an AuPair and now I am studying it at university.
While being at university I saw some people disliking reading in another language than their mothertongue.
I am different.
I like it especially when I can read it in the original language, when the main spirit of the writing is still there and not lost in a translation.
Don`t get me wrong not every translation is bad, but we all know it when you are having one of the bad ones and just think "Why can`t I read the original version?".
But reading in different languages is not always easy.
During this semesters norwegian class we read 4 books. Two playing in 1800 and one modern one but with lot of information on the ocean and life in the ocean.
The two books from 1800 had some words that aren`t used any longer today and so it was a lot of looking words up involved. They also had grammar we weren`t necessarily used to. So all in all they weren`t as easy to understand as when I pick up a norwegian thriller to read it. But that is what I go to class for. To learn. The modern book was difficult in terms of the terminology and involved even more looking up but it extended my vocabulary regarding everything that has to do with the ocean.

While reading a lot of specialized literature in german at uni like literary theory and linguistics which in german is so heavy to read as we are making so incredible long sentences I prefer my outside of uni reading to be in english.
Why english you may wonder?
Well books in english are often cheaper than their translations in german.
Second point is I don`t want to loose my english skills as TV here is in german, we just talk in german besides language courses and I am just afraid of depleting my english vocabulary. So reading in english is a great option to keep it up.
And last but not least this language has nothing to do with university reading so I can really relax.

Now how did I get started with reading in different languages.
Well first in school.
Second when I was an AuPair. I didn`t got any german books in Norway. My Mom was sending them for a while but then again sending a book that costs 10 euros and pay 13 euros for shipping is ridiculous. So I started to pick up norwegian books. First from the children and then I went and got my own. Starting with Twilight and the Spiderwick Chronicles. As I already knew the plot they were "easy" reads and I wasn`t forced to look up every word that I didn`t know. The more books I read the easier it got and soon it became natural and I was reading them at the same pace as I would read a german book.

So with everything it is a progress. For me it only made my life easier. Since I am reading all three languages at the same pace, (well by now I am reading norwegian and english faster than german) I have no trouble during the semester. I am able to finish all my reading on time without any struggle. So I can highly recommend getting into reading at least in german and english and if you study languages of course in those languages too.

Let me know which languages you read in and which you prefer if you are reading in several languages.

I will soon be up with reviews on the books I read for my norwegian class.
Let me know if you want more posts like this or more book reviews and I am more than happy to post those.

Take care and I see you soon.


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