Monday, July 25, 2016

Review of: #MayIBeginYoga2016 Beginner Yoga Challenge!

Hi everyone!

Today I have a review and my reflections of the 2016 Beginner Yoga Challenge held by Kino McGregor (KinoYoga) on Youtube (so it is free!!!).

I started this challenge with the 2016 Bikini Series. Being out of practice and having never practice Ashtanga Yoga before I was thrilled about starting it but also scared. Hatha Yoga is tough too but I knew that Ashtanga Yoga would take it up a nodge.

As the title says it is a one month beginner yoga challenge with one extra video (so 31) for Relaxation as a bonus for the hard work you have done in the past 30 days.
You start the first couple of days with some basic poses building up to them, learning the correct form, building the strength. Then you build up to a complete practice while still learning new poses and repeating the basics. As said you built up. You practice.
And with everything you practice it can be really frustrating. The first seven days were so tough for me. I had so much trouble in holding the planks and my mind was in the state that I had to hold it until complete exhaustion kicked in. But then something changed. I started to listen to Kinos words, except and realise that this is a journey. This is something that takes time. And as soon as I realized this I was able to let go. I accepted the days where I had to stay on my hands and knees plank. And I was even prouder of the days where I could hold the plank and do my first chaturangas.

The approach Kino chooses is amazing. And it works really fast. I was doing Hatha Yoga (Yoga with Adriene) for almost a year and still couldn`t do chaturangas. With Kino I was able to do them half way through the challenge. It helped me a lot to learn the anatomy behind it although I felt embarrassed first when it got personal, but I decided to focus on the fact that this was important to learn to do the pose the right way.
Not just did I learn to controll my body I also learned to focus my mind inward.
Having Hashimotos my mind is often all over the place. I am insecure and scared and nervous. Learning to turn my mind inward helped to let these things go and I can only highly recommend to give it a try, after all it is free right?

I improved my flexibility, my strength and more over my self conscious and my body image. I can say now that I love my body and that I am thankful for it. It isn`t perfect but it is what it is.

I decided on repeating this challenge and paring it up with 30 Days of Yoga by Yoga with Adriene.
I will let you know in another post how this went.

Let me know if you did the Kino Yoga Challenge as well or if you are planning on doing so. Lets get the dialogue going.

See you soon.


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