Friday, July 22, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 54

The time in the mountains had passed super fast and it was time to make our way to our next and final destination on our list.
We had rented a cabin at a lake. The way to the cabin would take some time and Emma had offered to drive today. I had looked at her a it surprised.

"I can drive", she repeated a tiny bit offended. It wasn`t me being scared for my car or my life. I was more worried about her anxiety. What if she panics?

"I can drive", she repeated again. I gave her the keys and took my place in the passenger seat. I wondered if I should explain the car to her and she obviously noticed it by just looking at my face.

"Okay, explain it. Your car. Will the gear make trouble or should I pet the stearing wheel before I start. Whatever it is, explain it." She wasn`t furious or mad, instead she was smiling at me, knowing that every guy loves his car and that they all would have paniced when she insisted on driving. So I started to explain and she let me explain everything to her without interrupting.

We finally took off. 

I saw the first Truck driving towards us. I took a deep breath in and a big breath out. I decided to focus on the distance, on my lane and not on the cars driving towards us. With every Truck passing by it got easier. I didn`t even notice how Scott had put his hand on my leg to calm me down. I didn`t notice the first truck. Not even the second. My focus was on the goal. To drive without panicing. And it worked. I made it. After two hours I was completely relaxed had turned on the music and started to sing together with Scott.

Suddenly she drove off the route. What was wrong now? Did she need a break?

"You can canoe over there,"  she explained and pointed at the sign by the street. With that it was clear that we wouldn`t just be sitting in the car today. I would get my daily dose of adrenaline. I couldn`t tell if she had planned that secretly because planning was definetly something she enjoyed as it gave her a feeling of being secure, but this time it really seemed to be spontaneous. Maybe it was another quality of her that I got to know right now. We definetly had fun that afternoon.

I let him drive the rest of the way as the sun already started to set.

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