Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 55

The cabin was unique. Cabin isn`t the right word for it. It was more of a house or even a villa. Windowfront to the lake. They were no other houses nearby and we would have this place completely to ourselves.

Our last stop would give us even more of that freedom and silence, before we had to go back into the hectic and noisy city.
The lake was perfect to try out SUP (Stand Up Paddelboarding) which was the reason why we had chosen this cabin. It was the last point on my list.
After our arrival I had spent hours on the internet doing my research on how to paddleboard so that I was standing ready to try it out the next morning.
It wasn`t as easy as it seemed, but definetly easier than surfing, although it didn`t took long before I landed in the water on my first trys. But as usual I tried as long as I needed to figure it out. And this time I managed better than Scott once I had figured it out. No one was able to get me from the lake now. I enjoyed it even more than surfing. It was calmer. I could control it better. Less action more relaxation. Exactly what I needed.
Scott on the other hand had made his way back to the land really fast, had played with Balu and had then disappeared in the cabin.

He had been strange the last couple of days. I didn`t know if it had been something I had said or done or if he had just been in a bad mood. I could have asked him, but then I thought that I could be the exact same way on some days. That I distanced myself. That I wanted to be on my own. And that the last thing that I wanted on days like this were someone asking me `what is wrong?`.

I had so much fun that I hadn`t noticed that Scott didn`t came out all day.
When I went back inside after the sun had started to set he was in the kitchen preparing dinner. He didn`t even look up, which was really strange. I went and took a quick shower and when I came back into the kitchen he had already set the table and served dinner. And although I was incredible hungry I was less interested in the food than in knowing what was wrong with him. 

She stared at me while moving the food on her plate with the fork.

"Don`t you like it?" I asked her worried, after I had observed her moving her food from A to B for a while without having eaten a single bite.

He had interrupted my thoughts yet another time only this time my thoughts weren`t filled with myself but with him. With his strange behaviour that he had shown since our campingtrip.

"No no, it is fine," I said immediatly

"But?" he asked. Should I ask him now or leave it? Now that he had asked I could take advantage of the opportunity.

"Are you okay?" I asked carefully. He had always been open towards me, but he had never talked openly about his problems, so better be careful.

"Yes, why do you ask?" I gave her my best smile but then raised my eyebrow sceptical when I saw that she didn`t believe me.

"Because you are a bit strange since we went camping" she explained. "You are so distant. Leaving without saying a word. I mean there have to be something wrong or am I wrong?"

The smile he had just had vanished in the next moment and his face turned serious and thoughtful. An explanation didn`t follow, just a question that explained his behaviour indirectly.

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