Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review: Snow like Ashes by Sara Raasch

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Hi everyone!

I am back with another review.

Today I have Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch. Which is the first part of a Trilogy.

In this book we get to know a world consisting of  four Season Kingdoms and four Rythm Kingdoms.
In this very first book Spring had overtaken Winter and killed Winters Queen, who was contributing her Kingdom with magic.
Some escaped Winterians are now trying to free they fellow Winterians who are enslaved in Spring and by that regain control over their Kingdom and get their Magic back.

This book has incredible twists and turns and they get confusing at times but they didn`t really manage to change the feeling I got at some point of the book (I can`t tell you exactly what feeling it is as it would contain spoilers) on where the story and the characters are going, but that is basically the major problem I had with this book.

It has been the first of this genre that I have read in a while and it was definetly a great pick to get back into it.
Sara Raaschs writing is beautiful. It is as if she is painting the world for you with her words.
But as I already knew where the story was going half way through and the twists and turns that came didn`t change that I can only rate it 4/4,25 stars out of 5.

Have you read it?- Then let me know your thoughts on it.

I will be back with another post soon, so stay tuned.

Take care

Monday, August 29, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 62

When I arrived back home two days later my truck was neither parked in front of my house nor in front of Emmas house instead there was a pack of  reporters in front of her house. I unpacked the car and then called the rental service  to pick it up.
Then I saw the nurse from the hospital how she made her way through the reporters to the house when I looked out of the window.
I remembered that Emma had asked her to look after the house and the plants.
I ran out of the house and over to Emmas house. Liz looked at me confused when she just saw me, without Emma.

"Where is Emma? Didn`t you went on the trip togehter?" she asked me surprised that Emma wasn`t there.
"Well where is she then?", she seemed angry.
"We had a misunderstanding and she took off with my truck."
"And now you want your truck back?" Liz was really angry.
"No, Emma. I want to talk to Emma." I asked her to come in to talk about it in private and Liz agreed.
Liz listened attentively. She agreed that I had messed it up. But she also gave me the chance to explain it. She promised me to let me know once she had heared from Emma and knew where she was.
The waiting will be hell, but would could I do.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 61

When I arrived at the cabin she had already been gone. The drawers where she had her clothes were open. Her bag was gone and Balu and my truck too.
I wasn`t worried about my truck. I didn`t cared much about it. What I was worried about was her. I hoped nothing had happened to her. She had been in a complete turmoil, I had seen that. And it looked exactly the way she must have seen it although it had been different.
I had been late. Really late. I had forgotten the time while I had practiced with Denise. While we went through my plan. I wanted to explain it to her but she didn`t answer her phone.
I had messed it up.
She had come because she had been worried, maybe because she had been angry, too since I had stood her up. And I had messed it up, didn`t react fast enough. Not seen what she had seen. Now I could only hope that nothing had happened to her.
Today I wouldn`t get a rental car and a cab wouldn`t drive me far and I didn`t know a hundret percent where she went. If she had gone back home or somewhere else. 
I knew that she was impulsive in situations like this. She could have been on her way to everywhere.

I called the owner of the cabin. Told her I would leave tomorrow and if she could arrange a rental car.
Then I started packing my things. When I opened the drawer with the towels I saw that the casket with the ring was lying between the top and the bottom towel. So she did find it and saw it.
So I did really ruin it.
What must have been her expactations when she prepared that evening and in what did she ran then?
When I was done packing I went into the kitchen to clean up. Clean up the set table. Then I saw the Lasagne in the oven. I took something off it and couldn`t believe how tasty she was.

I was mad at myself. I should have known that no matter how I would have done it the best way would have always been the direct way then he could have done nothing wrong.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Review: Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Hi everyone!

Today I got a review for you on Yes Please by Amy Poehler.

From what I knew about this book before I read it is an autobiographic book that tells obviously Amy Poehlers story on how she fell in love with Improv.

I knew Amy Poehler from Saturday Night Live and a bit from Parks and Recreation and she always made me laugh so this book had been on my wishlist before it even got released and I am very happy I got it from a friend a few months later as a gift.

It stood on my shelf for quiet some time before I picked it up but when I picked it up it was an unbelievable fast read.

Amy Poehler isn`t just describing how she fell in love with Improv but she also manages to describe life. What life throws at you and how to handle it while keeping your humour. And she does this in such an amazing way I can`t even describe it.
She explained in such a beautiful and funny way how Improv works and that it is not an easy job and how she made her first steps and grew and became what she is today.
She included those funny colourful pages of advices or quotes which made it somehow special to read. I loved the photos she integrated and the chapters her friends had written for her.
It is definetly not a typical autobiography and probably not everyones thing, but...

This book is full of life and fun and it teached me so much that even though it wasn`t completely what I had expected I still liked it.

I would rate it a 4.25/4.5 out of 5 stars but I would definetly say it is a thing of taste as it is very ironical and sarcastic at times.

If you read it let me know your thoughts in the comments below and I see you soon with another post.

Take care

Friday, August 19, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 60

I continued driving without knowing where I was headed until I saw the sign. The sign to the smalltown we had been to first. I remembered our stay as if it had been yesterday. I took the next drive off and ended up in the smalltown. I stopped at the Diner where Anny gave me a warm welcome. Of course she could rent the cabin in the woods again did Anny say and gave me the key.

I had just made myself at home after a walk with Balu and before I made myself a cup of tea and sat down in a chair. I was so angry at myself, so angry that I had gotten involved with him, that I had trusted him and that I had been so wrong about him.
The doorbell rang and interrupted my thoughts. Hopefully it wasn`t Scott. That was the last I needed. I looked through the small window beside the door. It was Martha with Lexie. I opened the door and before I completely opened the door I could already feel Lexies arms around me.

"Excuse me" Martha said "Anny said that you were back in town and Lexie wanted to pay you a visit."
"That`s okay. She can stay here and I will bring her back tonight," I said. It was exactly what I needed. Lexies way of handling every throwback the way it came and to find a way out of it. I would make it through life without Scott. I knew that the moment I saw Lexie.

"Okay, thank you," Martha said and added wondering "isn`t your husband there?" I rememberd that we never corrected this misunderstanding but now I would do it.
"Oh, Scott is just a friend." Martha looked at me raising her eyebrows and then excused herself for the misunderstanding before she left Lexie and me to ourselves. We played together and made Spaghetti Bolognese, than we watched a movie.
Lexie helped me forget the things that happened yesterday.
Lexie had fallen asleep while watching the movie. I did call Martha and let her know that Lexie could stay over night. Martha agreed and so I went and got blanket for her and tucked her in.

Than I began to write.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Summer TBR/ Wrap up

Hi everyone!

I know this one is up a bit late, but I thought I will share it anyways.
So due to exams my summer reading started a bit late but my list was pretty long anyways. As this post is up later than planned this is pretty much a wrap up as well.
So let`s jump right into it.

#1 First on my list is/was (I already finished this one by now) Yes Please by Amy Poehler.
If you know me you know I really love Saturday Night Live so Yes Please had been on my wishlist for a while. It is a beautiful book about how Amy Poehler fell in love with improv, as well as life.
I will have a more detailed review up for this one soon.

#2 The second book on my list is Looking for Alaska by John Green (which I as well have finished by now). This book follows the story of a boy in his first year of boarding school, where he meets a girl named Alaska. The book shows the many challenges and problems teenagers face. I will have a more in depths review up on this one as well during the next weeks.

#3 Next on my list is I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai which is an autobiography of this inspiring couragous young woman who is willing to put her life in danger to fight for our rights. It has been on my wishlist for a while, but so far I haven`t had the time to pick it up. Hopefully I will soon.

#4 Next I have Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch. This book is a Fantasy, YA, Dystopian book. (I actually can`t put in a genre, especially not after I have read it). This book plays ina beautiful world of Seasons and Rythms. In this first part the trilogy Winter (the Season Kingdom) has been taken over by Spring and lost it`s magic. A small part of Winterians managed to escape and tries to get their Kingdom and their magic back.
As I have already read this I will also have a more detailed review up for this one soon.

#5 Is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. This one is a historical fiction with Death as the narrator. We follow the life of Liesel Memminger (the actual Book Thief). She is a young girl growing up in Nazi Germany and the Death follows her and tells her story, how she actually became a Book Thief and what these books mean to her.
I can also mark this one as read by now so stay tuned for a more in depth review, if you want to know more about it and my thoughts on it.

#6 Now I have a whole trilogy coming up. (Also marked as read) Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, Hollow City and Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs.
This follows the story of a boy, Jacob, who after the death of his grandfather tavels to a lonely Island in Wales to find the abandoned orphanage of Miss Peregrine, where his grandfather grew up. He is not just finding out more about his Grandfathers life and death but also about himself.
This one is tricky to describe without spoilers so I don`t have a review planned on this one yet, but if you would want one let me know in the commentes below and I would try my best to get three spoiler free reviews up for you.

As I finished my trilogy in rehab a week before I went home I had to go with an ebook and surprise surprise it was nothing I had planned to read this summer but I am already 300 pages in so I will mention it here and I think you might see it in my next wrap up. It is Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. It is the first book of a trilogy and I really hope I can tell you more about it once I am finished reading.

#7 So the last book on my list would be Nora by Henrik Ibsen which is a classic I want to read for my studies, not sure yet wether I really pick it up or not, it is a short one and I know what it is about as we talked about it a lot last semester and it is often used as an example so I will have to read it eventually.

So this is it for now. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what is on your Summer TBR or what you already read this summer in the comments below.

My Goodreads account is active again so if you want to follow me there again I will leave the link to my profile here.

Hope to see you soon again for another book post.
Take care


Monday, August 15, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 59

I had taken the bus to the main street of the small town. I would be back for dinner, as Emma wanted to surprise me with dinner. I wanted to find some inspiration in the city. We had been out a couple of times, met some people, made some friends. We had been here now for almost three weeks. It was the longest we had stayed at any of the places we had been to and so far we hadn`t made any plans about leaving. But I had made another plan regarding the future and I wanted to talk about it with my new found friends individually. First I met with the Pubs bartender. We had gotten a long from the beginning on and he seemed to know a lot about my plan. After that I would meet with the bartenders sister to talk about my plan.

I was busy in the kitchen. I had gotten a recipe for lasagne and had already prepared everything. The only thing left to do was popping it into the oven.
Then I disappeared into the bathroom. I knew exactly what I was going to wear.
The black dress that I had bought together with him last week. I still couldn`t believe we had been here for already three weeks. Scott had said he wanted to do something in the city so that I could prepare everything calmly. I mean I couldn`t invite him to my place at the moment and this way it at least felt like inviting him over.
I searched for a clean towel. While going through the drawer my fingers hit against something hard. A small black velvety box. My heart started to speed immediately. I opened it and found a ring. The exact same ring that I fell in love with at the juweller in town. He must have noticed that. I put the box back where it was and went into the shower.

I waited already for half an hour. The Lasagne was already ready and would probably be cold once he came back, so I put it back into the oven so it would hold the warmth a little bit longer. I watched impatiently on the clock.

By now I have waited for an hour. My worries had changed into anger. If he had missed the bus he could have taken a cab. 
He didn`t answer his phone either. I took the truck keys and drove into town, if he would have been on his way I would have seen him on my way, but nothing. He seemed to have forgotten it. I stopped at the parking lot in front of the Pub. This was the most obvious place where he would be. But he wasn`t there. I went to the Diner right around the corner. I wasn`t even through the door when I saw him with this blonde Barbie, how he looked into her eyes.

I saw her the moment she left the Diner. I jumped up and ran after her, but by the time I was out of the Diner she had already started the truck and driven off.

I didn`t notice how the tears rushed into my eyes. I just turned on my heel and ran back to the truck. He had stood me up for that blonde Barbie. Had forgotten that I had made Dinner for him and that I had been waiting. The ring had probably never been meant for me but for that Barbie. What did I think. Getting involved with him.
I threw all of my things into one of my bags, took Balu and threw everything on the truck. Then I took off. I didn`t know where I would go. I just drove without thinking much of the direction I was headed to. When I noticed that I was getting tired and that my head was aching from all the crying I stopped at a Motel, got a room and slept until the next morning.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Review: Semester Reads for my norwegian culture class

Hi everyone!
So today I went to give you four reviews on the books I had to read this semester in my norwegian class. I read all the books in norwegian and I am also stating the norwegian titles. If you want to know the english titles and I don`t know if they are all out in english you might want to search for the auther. The first book I am presenting is definetly going to be published in german (I got to meet the translator and she worked with us on our translation of the book and she has made beautiful german translation of the book) for all my german followers who might want to pick up a copy of it.

The main or the longest book is by Morten A. Strøksnes and called Havboka. We also had to translate parts of this book which was quiet interesting.
But first to the book itself.
It tells Morten A. Strøksnes story how he and his friend Hugo went to catch a type shark. What is special about it is the fact that they are trying to do so in a rubber boat in the Lofoten through all four seasons. That is the main story line and the original title of the book also implies that.
The book teaches you a lot about the ocean, its animals and plants. The tides, astrology, etc. You get a lot of information. I admire Strøksnes for all his knowledge and the research he has done for this book on the one hand. On the other hand I found it sometimes boring reading pages of lexical texts and in parts a bit disgusting when he went even more into detail.
So it is a great book to teach our classes topic which was the ocean, but I wouldn`t have picked this book up on my own.
If you are interested in the ocean this is definetly a great book and you also get the funny story of how to catch a shark in a rubber boat through four seasons but I find that all the lexical texts are putting the main story in the shadow.

The second main book for me was Skipper Worse by Alexander R. Kielland. It is actually the second book of a duoligy but the storyline takes place earlier than in the first book (Garman Worse). So I would recommend reading the second book (the one I am presenting here) before the first (Garman Worse). This book tells the story of a sailor somewhere in 1800 called Jakob Worse. He comes back from a big trip and finds out that the ocean carrier he is working for is in financial trouble. He offers to help in the owner Konsul Garman offers him a share in the company calling it from now on Garman Worse (hence the title of the first book in the duoligy).
While this happenes the sailor Jakob Worse meets Madam Torvestad who is a fanatical Haugean who arranges for her daughter Sara to marry Jakob Worse, who is more in the age of Madam Torvestad then her daughter.
From now on everything else I would say storyline wise would be spoilery so I just leave it with saying the the book continues with a love triangle, fanatical religious people and the story of a marriage.
I liked this book a lot. There are lot of people thinking this might take place in Stavanger and somehow I (who have lived there for a while) got the same feeling when reading the book. I am usually not much into books of this kind but I really enjoyed it.
Language wise the old style got me in some trouble but it was always understandable. So I would definetly rate this higher than the first book I presented.

 The third book I went really quick into the back of my mind. It is by Johan Bojer and called Den Siste Viking (The last viking) and it is not about vikings.
It is about a fishermen during the 19th century. Due to the bad conditions during winter in the area where they live (Trondheimsfjord) the have to leave it and sail into the Lofoten to fish.
This book shows very well how the life has been during this time. The risks, the fears and so on. It is a really great book just not my taste.
The language is a bit tricky due to so many dialogues in a dialect. I didn`t have much trouble with it as I fine with a lot of norwegian dialects and most things made sence in the context but it is definetly not easy.
I liked it somehow and somehow not, I can`t really tell why. I think it is maybe due to the fact that the descriptions are so well that you really can imagine how it was back then to be a fisherman, but I am not sure yet.

The fourth book we read is Fjorten Dager I Nordsjøen (14 Days in the North Sea) by Leif Henriksen.
This book is told from different perspectives of workes on an oilplatform in the North Sea.
It describes very well what it means to work offshore. The risk, the life, the procedures, the jobs, etc.
I really liked the book. But I still wouldn`t rate it as high as Skipper Worse, although you absolutely can`t compare them to each other.
This book is more a quick read, the language is easy although I had some trouble with the terminology regarding what they are working with otherwise it was really easy to read. The different perspectives gave me a great inside and if you want to know more about life offshore/ work offshore this is a great book.

These were all four books we read.

I hope you liked this post.

See you soon.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 58

Our days at the lake were beautiful. I was still all over paddleboarding. Scott had found his passions in it when he figured how much fun it was to push me off the board and to throw me around in the water, which usually ended in endless kisses.
I had nearly completely forgotten my old life. I was done with it, made piece with it.
I knew who I am and who I wanted to be. All of this, every single try and change had been so easy with Scott around.

I was alone on the lake while Scott went inside to cook some dinner. He needed to make it on its own because once we would be inside we would completely forget the hunger for food and find something more fun to do.

I turned on the TV to listen to the news but what I was hearing there was hard to believe.
Copeland had been sold to my old company, with that my old company had become the biggest in the field without any competitors left, they had reached their goal. I just couldn`t believe why the Copeland heir would just leave the company to its strongest competitor.

I came into the kitchen radiating of joy when Scott looked at me shocked and said, "Copeland got sold." Without a further thought I said "I know" because to me this weren`t news. I already knew it before I had seen Scott the first time because I had been the one who sold Copeland. The question was just how could Scott know it?
Suddenly the truth dawned upon me. Everything was rushing in front of my inner eye. The media knew it and with that Scott now as well.
I would have to tell him now. Explain it. I didn`t had any more time left to prepare myself for this. In this exact moment I regret having procastinated this talk. Pushing it from one day to the next until I had pushed it to the back of my mind.

"What do you mean you know it? The news have just come in and you have been outside", looking more serious at her now. And while she was thinking about what to answer the truth dawned up to me. I got how she could knew it. Her last name, Jennings, that was Copelands wife name. She must have used it to stay under the radar so that the media wouldn`t find her.

"You..." I could see on his face that he had figured it out. That he had counted one and one together. He had realised that I am Emma Jennings Copeland.

"Yes, I, Emma Jennings...Copeland." Now that I was watching the news I understood why she had used her mothers name, what I didn`t understood was why she had sold the company.

He was still looking confused. I would explain it to him as best as I could because for most people this decision was absurd especially for the media.

Scott saved our dinner from burning, so that we sat at the table eating, quietly. Those news had definetly killed the good mood and send it to kingdom come. Instead of talking about it we both seemed focused on eating and not saying a word. I was certain that those news had damaged everything between us.

"Why did you sell it?" My question came out of nowhere. I just had to knew it although it was none of my business.

"Because I have no idea about this business, this industry and to be honest it did bring nothing to my family except of money and trouble. And in addition to that I wanted to break with the old and make a new start. That`s why I am here" there wasn`t a better explanation that that one. I could see that Scott still couldn`t understand it.

I from all of the people should understand it but I didn`t. I couldn`t. Maybe I couldn`t understand that he had sold it to my old company. They were superficial and they way I knew Emma I would have expected her to sell to someone who cared about Copeland as a company. Instead it looked like as if she had just sold to the highest-bidding party. It was for sure not a stupid decision but nothing I had expected from her.
"Why did you sell to them? I don`t get it." I wanted to understand it. No I had to understand it. If it would keep standing between us it would ruin everything.

"Because my Dad would have done it the same way. He would have sold to the one who would get the best out of the business and who would pay me the highest price. I thought it was in his interest, his will. I couldn`t have run the business anyways." Okay, this was an explanation I could understand.

"Okay" I softened my facial expressions. Lightend up. I put the plates away, cleaned the table and then served the dessert. Ben and Jerrys with two big spoons in the packaging. Then I went into the living room and got a board game. Somehow we had to get the old spirit back and as I knew this new had been tough to swollow for Emma I thought Ben and Jerrys and good old board games would be a good idea. We played the whole night and ate ice cream. We laughed, we danced and we went just back to having fun.

Monday, August 8, 2016

My Yoga Journey

Hi everyone,

today I want to talk about my Yoga Journey.

I have already written a similar post like this one about a year ago, if you want to check that one out you can find it here.

I started with Yoga last year and started with Hatha Yoga. I loved it and I figured out very fast that I need it in my life daily.
I really saw how my practice grew but very slowly.
And then there came the time where I couldn`t practice which was quiet a long time (4 months).
I missed it a lot and once I was ready again I started with the new Yoga Camp by Yoga with Adriene. It was really gentle and more of a mental experience but it also challenged me physically.
I then did a couple of days my thing before I started the Beginner Yoga Challenge by Kino Yoga which compared to Adriene who does Hatha Yoga is Ashtanga Yoga.
You can find a more in depth review on this challenge here.
This Challenge had been a real challenge. With all its ups and downs and especially since I did it during the Bikini Series, pairing it up with Tone it up workouts and Yoga with Adriene my muscles were often exhausted, but I pushed through and it brought me so much further in my practice.
For almost a year I couldn`t do my chaturangas. I had tried but always collapsed. This challenge teached me the right alignment in plank and how to be strong in my planks. It didn`t really gave me the option to lower to my knees for the chaturangas so I had to try lowering down. All the way. A controlled belly flap. And it worked. The anatomical aspect of this challenge really helped a lot to grow my practice physically.
Mentally it helped me as well. Not that Adriene didn`t. I love Adriene I love her approach and I find that some of her videos make me focus inside, whereas others just make me happy and lift my mood. They are all amazing and they all do so much for me mentally.
I still find Kinos approach different. Leading mainly to the same. But in Kinos practice I learned something that I didn`t learn with Adriene. And that was to accept. I learned that my chaturangas weren`t perfect, but I learned that they were perfect for the state I was at in my journey and that I by no means would go back to lower down my knees again.
I feel so much stronger mind wise that I am more willing to try new things and I am very impressed that this is a step that just needed such a short time. I mean I had been doing Yoga for a year, knowing some of its benefits but in my mind still being at the point where I did it for my body, to loose weight and tone. And suddenly it moved away from that and just being about the practice. Which I think is the greatest that had happened to me during this whole journey.

The Change of my Mind

I went from I can`t do a chaturanga because I am too heavy and my arms are too weak, to I focus on the form I focus on what my body can do. I can hold that plank so why not try it. Okay now I can lower down controlled. Why not go a bit slower now? I know upward facing dog why not try the transitions from chaturanga dandasana to upward facing dog? Oh look there I did it. Just my thighs who touch the ground a bit during the transition but they don`t lay down. I am there I did. My body can do it.

That happened in 3 weeks.

I went from I can`t do it I am not flexible enough I will never get there to I my god this forward fold is deeper than last week and this twist is deeper than last week and I love my body for moving so quickly, for adjusting so quickly for growing so quickly.

This happened from week to week and is still an ongoing process.

My Yoga Journey brought me from hating my body and having a completly different mind set to loving my body and doing it with my body not against my body.
And this is the best thing that happened from the against to the with. From your body and mind becoming one.
Because this has brought me way more happiness and less stress making me so much calmer in every day life. Making me handle every day life so much better.

I could go on with this for hours but I think I got the main point out there.
Are you on a yoga journey or are you thinking of starting it?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon.


Friday, August 5, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 57

First I thought that she had run. That she regreted last night. But then I heared joyful singing from the kitchen. I stood up and sneaked into the kitchen. There she was standing in her shirt. Dancing to the music while she made eggs and bacon. She had set the table on the patio beautifully.

When I drove around yesterday, searching for that one spot where she would feel comfortable I didn`t imagined that the evening would end like this. But in the end she did feel the same way I do and already for a while. So there had been no reason to be as nervous as I was.
Once this was clear the tension changed. It was no more an attraction that had let to us kissing each other and continueing it for the whole evening back at the cabin.

Now she was standing in the kitchen, in her shirt, dancing of joy while making his favourite breakfast. A few weeks she didn`t even know what the stove was good fo and now this. It was a huge gesture for me.

I went over to her. Hugged her from behind and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Somehow I did think she might jump out of her skin as she seemed to be totally lost in her thoughts but instead she stood still, turned her head towards me, smiled at me and then gave me a kiss before her attention went back to the scrambled eggs in the pan.

"How did you know the spot?" I asked. Wondering how he could know that spot after all yesterday had only been our second day here and we didn`t knew the area.

"I drove around all day. Hoping to find that one spot where you would feel comfortable."

I did remember telling him I didn`t like dates. That I didn`t felt comfortable during them. That I always felt there was so much bad tension especially when the place was crowded.
With Scott it was different as I nevertheless felt comfortable around him. My tension was gone the minute I went into the car. I simply stopped being nervous in that exact moment.
I still thought it was incredible how much thought he had put into it just because of me.
I did have the feeling I could cross out the unwritten point on my list but didn`t want to do that too early.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Reflections on: #MayIBeginYoga 2016 Round 2 and 30 Days of Yoga!

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to talk about the second round of the One Month Beginner Yoga Challenge.
You can find my Reflections and a Review on my first round here, where I also go more into detail about the actual challenge.
I already decided on doing a second round while I was on Day 20 of my first round. It wasn`t a difficult decision to make.
The first round had helped me so much and had brought me so much inner piece.
The usual impulsive me stayed calm during situations that would usually have made me furious.
So it was a decision that came naturally as a result of the experiences I made during the second round.

So today I first want to let you know what stayed the same. Obviously the videos were the same and since I had already gone through it once you might think that round two must have been way easier than round one.
To be honest for me it wasn`t any easier. The first ten days were exactly the same as during the first round. They were frustrating and hard.
But and here comes the difference: During the first round a lot of things had been new and my muscles were a lot weaker and by that it was hard in the way of lacking strength and having to take breaks. Whereas during round two it was hard because I knew so much more about the pose and I "worked" for it. I knew which muscles had to work, I knew the alignment and that made the poses hard in that way that now I worked. Not that I did not work during the first round. I worked hard but I was more holding on to dear life than actually enjoying and acknowledging the pose. Whereas now my focus was on the pose and not on where my bodyparts had to be.
So the first ten days were as tough as the first round but in a different way.

The next twenty days were the same as in round one in the way that I got to enjoy them more and they were less frustrating but then again they were so different.
I was so much further in my practice.
The chaturangas became easier and was so much more flexible than during round one that poses that I felt like never ever being able to do improved so much that I was now a lot closer. I am still far away from the headstand and the dolphin pose but to that I must say that I have very weak shoulders and that I am really afraid of these poses and rather want to build them up slowly and then once I am there they will probably feel way better than if I would just force my body.

So that is basically it to the second round of the one month beginner yoga challenge.

But I didn`t just do this challenge. I decided on pairing it up with 30 Day of Yoga by Yoga with Adriene.
I did this challenge the first time in 2015 at the beginning of my journey. I loved it but I felt it was so challenging that I couldn`t enjoy it.
Now with growing my practice in Ashtanga Yoga I felt I could see if this Hatha Yoga Challenge would be more enjoyable for me too.
And it was. Doing Kinos Challenge did help me improve over all and with more strength and flexibility 30 Days of Yoga was so much fun. It was not easy in a way of it being less tough. But now I know how the poses work anatomy wise which made it easier to me. I am someone who needs to understand the anatomy to do the poses right and get the full benefits out of them. So this time the challenge was as if I was flying. I sweated a lot but I didn`t need breaks I wasn`t holding on for dear life in downward dog (I actually find it quiet relaxing now) and I could just enjoy it and turn my mind inwards and focus on myself as I had to focus less on not falling out of a pose (I hope this makes sense as it is really difficult for me to describe it).

So combining these two challenges for round 2 was a great idea and helped me a lot in growing my practice.

Would I do it again? - Yes of course.
Would I recommend it? - Depending on your fitness level I would say begin with one challenge and then work your way up. If you are already having a practice then definetly go for it if you feel for it.
Which approach do I like better? - I would say that depends on the person. I love Yoga with Adriene and I have done it for over a year before I started the Challenge by Kino Yoga. I would definetly say the Challenge by Kino helped me a lot in getting a deeper understanding of the pose and it makes you build up faster to the actual poses but it is definetly tougher than Adriene when it comes to strength. So I think it is something you have to be ready for.

So these are my reflections of round two and combining it with 30 Days of Yoga. I hope you liked this post and maybe it inspired you in some way.
Let me know if you are doing any of these challenges and how you liked them in the comments below.

See you soon.


Monday, August 1, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 56

Of course I would go out and eat dinner with him, as in a Date, I had said. I could see how relieved he had been. He promised to plan something special, but before he would do that he cleaned up together with me and then we watched a movie together.

We went to bed together. Emma fell asleep as fast as usual while I started to plan our date.
She had told me once that she didn`t like typical dates nevertheless did she agree to a dinner date. I wanted to find something that would make her feel comfortable, where she would loose her tension and forget her fears and I did already have an idea.

When I woke up in the morning I found a note from Scott who had already left.
I am out to prepare our date. 
Going to pick you up at 7pm.
Enjoy your day.

Great and how shall I dress? What is he picking me up for? Were my first thoughts. I could think about this a bit more while I went paddleboarding. He really didn`t come home, which made me nervous. Around lunchtime I went back inside and searched through my luggage for the right outfit. It wasn`t an easy search because I didn`t know where we would be going. The little black dress or better something with a pattern? Maybe a jumpsuit would be better? I was definetly svamped with all my thoughts on this. I tried on everything and combined it with shoes that matched.

"Balu what do you think?" I asked the dog as desperate as I was. But he just turned is head from one site to the other while he was looking at me. Usually I would have asked Scott which wasn`t an option in this case. Somehow was the fact that I would go on a date with my best friend making me more nervous than usual.

Well usually I wasn`t nervous, if it was a bad date I would never have to see the guy again. With Scott this things are different. I like him. Maybe even in the same way he likes me and that scared me. What would be if it didn`t went well? What would be with our friendship?
I went into the shower and let the chaos in the bedroom be. After a long warm shower I could make a decision easier. When there was one thing that hasn`t changed and that probably never will change about me it is procastinating things like this.
In the end I did decide on the black jumpsuit, chic but not too chic and still a bit sporty so fitting for wherever we are going. I mean I still didn`t know where we were going. I also did decide on the heels for shoes. I would never ever get taller than him unless I would climb up a ladder. I mean he was at least one head taller than I am. 

I was ready almost ten minutes early. Should I really be on the tick or five minutes late? But what should I do during this time? On the other hand was I always on time but I also didn`t wanted it to look like as I had been waiting.
What did he always say during our little adventures? `Focus on your goal` and that is exactly what I should do now. My goal was to just let everything be. Let it fall into place. That is what I would do now.

I waited inside the cabin until I heared Scotts car. As soon as I went out and had taken my seat in the car all of my tension was gone. Just like that.
I knew that this evening would make me cross of the last point on my list.
I knew it would be the evening where we would kiss for the first time, the evening where we would stop being friends and becoming something else. A couple. Actually I already knew all this by the time Scott asked me out on a date.
When I then saw the picnic he had set up , facing the sunset, perfectly placed, I was certain where this evening would lead to.

I was not shocked or surprised when I woke up naked beside Scott the next morning.