Monday, August 8, 2016

My Yoga Journey

Hi everyone,

today I want to talk about my Yoga Journey.

I have already written a similar post like this one about a year ago, if you want to check that one out you can find it here.

I started with Yoga last year and started with Hatha Yoga. I loved it and I figured out very fast that I need it in my life daily.
I really saw how my practice grew but very slowly.
And then there came the time where I couldn`t practice which was quiet a long time (4 months).
I missed it a lot and once I was ready again I started with the new Yoga Camp by Yoga with Adriene. It was really gentle and more of a mental experience but it also challenged me physically.
I then did a couple of days my thing before I started the Beginner Yoga Challenge by Kino Yoga which compared to Adriene who does Hatha Yoga is Ashtanga Yoga.
You can find a more in depth review on this challenge here.
This Challenge had been a real challenge. With all its ups and downs and especially since I did it during the Bikini Series, pairing it up with Tone it up workouts and Yoga with Adriene my muscles were often exhausted, but I pushed through and it brought me so much further in my practice.
For almost a year I couldn`t do my chaturangas. I had tried but always collapsed. This challenge teached me the right alignment in plank and how to be strong in my planks. It didn`t really gave me the option to lower to my knees for the chaturangas so I had to try lowering down. All the way. A controlled belly flap. And it worked. The anatomical aspect of this challenge really helped a lot to grow my practice physically.
Mentally it helped me as well. Not that Adriene didn`t. I love Adriene I love her approach and I find that some of her videos make me focus inside, whereas others just make me happy and lift my mood. They are all amazing and they all do so much for me mentally.
I still find Kinos approach different. Leading mainly to the same. But in Kinos practice I learned something that I didn`t learn with Adriene. And that was to accept. I learned that my chaturangas weren`t perfect, but I learned that they were perfect for the state I was at in my journey and that I by no means would go back to lower down my knees again.
I feel so much stronger mind wise that I am more willing to try new things and I am very impressed that this is a step that just needed such a short time. I mean I had been doing Yoga for a year, knowing some of its benefits but in my mind still being at the point where I did it for my body, to loose weight and tone. And suddenly it moved away from that and just being about the practice. Which I think is the greatest that had happened to me during this whole journey.

The Change of my Mind

I went from I can`t do a chaturanga because I am too heavy and my arms are too weak, to I focus on the form I focus on what my body can do. I can hold that plank so why not try it. Okay now I can lower down controlled. Why not go a bit slower now? I know upward facing dog why not try the transitions from chaturanga dandasana to upward facing dog? Oh look there I did it. Just my thighs who touch the ground a bit during the transition but they don`t lay down. I am there I did. My body can do it.

That happened in 3 weeks.

I went from I can`t do it I am not flexible enough I will never get there to I my god this forward fold is deeper than last week and this twist is deeper than last week and I love my body for moving so quickly, for adjusting so quickly for growing so quickly.

This happened from week to week and is still an ongoing process.

My Yoga Journey brought me from hating my body and having a completly different mind set to loving my body and doing it with my body not against my body.
And this is the best thing that happened from the against to the with. From your body and mind becoming one.
Because this has brought me way more happiness and less stress making me so much calmer in every day life. Making me handle every day life so much better.

I could go on with this for hours but I think I got the main point out there.
Are you on a yoga journey or are you thinking of starting it?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon.


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