Monday, August 1, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 56

Of course I would go out and eat dinner with him, as in a Date, I had said. I could see how relieved he had been. He promised to plan something special, but before he would do that he cleaned up together with me and then we watched a movie together.

We went to bed together. Emma fell asleep as fast as usual while I started to plan our date.
She had told me once that she didn`t like typical dates nevertheless did she agree to a dinner date. I wanted to find something that would make her feel comfortable, where she would loose her tension and forget her fears and I did already have an idea.

When I woke up in the morning I found a note from Scott who had already left.
I am out to prepare our date. 
Going to pick you up at 7pm.
Enjoy your day.

Great and how shall I dress? What is he picking me up for? Were my first thoughts. I could think about this a bit more while I went paddleboarding. He really didn`t come home, which made me nervous. Around lunchtime I went back inside and searched through my luggage for the right outfit. It wasn`t an easy search because I didn`t know where we would be going. The little black dress or better something with a pattern? Maybe a jumpsuit would be better? I was definetly svamped with all my thoughts on this. I tried on everything and combined it with shoes that matched.

"Balu what do you think?" I asked the dog as desperate as I was. But he just turned is head from one site to the other while he was looking at me. Usually I would have asked Scott which wasn`t an option in this case. Somehow was the fact that I would go on a date with my best friend making me more nervous than usual.

Well usually I wasn`t nervous, if it was a bad date I would never have to see the guy again. With Scott this things are different. I like him. Maybe even in the same way he likes me and that scared me. What would be if it didn`t went well? What would be with our friendship?
I went into the shower and let the chaos in the bedroom be. After a long warm shower I could make a decision easier. When there was one thing that hasn`t changed and that probably never will change about me it is procastinating things like this.
In the end I did decide on the black jumpsuit, chic but not too chic and still a bit sporty so fitting for wherever we are going. I mean I still didn`t know where we were going. I also did decide on the heels for shoes. I would never ever get taller than him unless I would climb up a ladder. I mean he was at least one head taller than I am. 

I was ready almost ten minutes early. Should I really be on the tick or five minutes late? But what should I do during this time? On the other hand was I always on time but I also didn`t wanted it to look like as I had been waiting.
What did he always say during our little adventures? `Focus on your goal` and that is exactly what I should do now. My goal was to just let everything be. Let it fall into place. That is what I would do now.

I waited inside the cabin until I heared Scotts car. As soon as I went out and had taken my seat in the car all of my tension was gone. Just like that.
I knew that this evening would make me cross of the last point on my list.
I knew it would be the evening where we would kiss for the first time, the evening where we would stop being friends and becoming something else. A couple. Actually I already knew all this by the time Scott asked me out on a date.
When I then saw the picnic he had set up , facing the sunset, perfectly placed, I was certain where this evening would lead to.

I was not shocked or surprised when I woke up naked beside Scott the next morning.

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