Friday, August 5, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 57

First I thought that she had run. That she regreted last night. But then I heared joyful singing from the kitchen. I stood up and sneaked into the kitchen. There she was standing in her shirt. Dancing to the music while she made eggs and bacon. She had set the table on the patio beautifully.

When I drove around yesterday, searching for that one spot where she would feel comfortable I didn`t imagined that the evening would end like this. But in the end she did feel the same way I do and already for a while. So there had been no reason to be as nervous as I was.
Once this was clear the tension changed. It was no more an attraction that had let to us kissing each other and continueing it for the whole evening back at the cabin.

Now she was standing in the kitchen, in her shirt, dancing of joy while making his favourite breakfast. A few weeks she didn`t even know what the stove was good fo and now this. It was a huge gesture for me.

I went over to her. Hugged her from behind and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Somehow I did think she might jump out of her skin as she seemed to be totally lost in her thoughts but instead she stood still, turned her head towards me, smiled at me and then gave me a kiss before her attention went back to the scrambled eggs in the pan.

"How did you know the spot?" I asked. Wondering how he could know that spot after all yesterday had only been our second day here and we didn`t knew the area.

"I drove around all day. Hoping to find that one spot where you would feel comfortable."

I did remember telling him I didn`t like dates. That I didn`t felt comfortable during them. That I always felt there was so much bad tension especially when the place was crowded.
With Scott it was different as I nevertheless felt comfortable around him. My tension was gone the minute I went into the car. I simply stopped being nervous in that exact moment.
I still thought it was incredible how much thought he had put into it just because of me.
I did have the feeling I could cross out the unwritten point on my list but didn`t want to do that too early.

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