Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 58

Our days at the lake were beautiful. I was still all over paddleboarding. Scott had found his passions in it when he figured how much fun it was to push me off the board and to throw me around in the water, which usually ended in endless kisses.
I had nearly completely forgotten my old life. I was done with it, made piece with it.
I knew who I am and who I wanted to be. All of this, every single try and change had been so easy with Scott around.

I was alone on the lake while Scott went inside to cook some dinner. He needed to make it on its own because once we would be inside we would completely forget the hunger for food and find something more fun to do.

I turned on the TV to listen to the news but what I was hearing there was hard to believe.
Copeland had been sold to my old company, with that my old company had become the biggest in the field without any competitors left, they had reached their goal. I just couldn`t believe why the Copeland heir would just leave the company to its strongest competitor.

I came into the kitchen radiating of joy when Scott looked at me shocked and said, "Copeland got sold." Without a further thought I said "I know" because to me this weren`t news. I already knew it before I had seen Scott the first time because I had been the one who sold Copeland. The question was just how could Scott know it?
Suddenly the truth dawned upon me. Everything was rushing in front of my inner eye. The media knew it and with that Scott now as well.
I would have to tell him now. Explain it. I didn`t had any more time left to prepare myself for this. In this exact moment I regret having procastinated this talk. Pushing it from one day to the next until I had pushed it to the back of my mind.

"What do you mean you know it? The news have just come in and you have been outside", looking more serious at her now. And while she was thinking about what to answer the truth dawned up to me. I got how she could knew it. Her last name, Jennings, that was Copelands wife name. She must have used it to stay under the radar so that the media wouldn`t find her.

"You..." I could see on his face that he had figured it out. That he had counted one and one together. He had realised that I am Emma Jennings Copeland.

"Yes, I, Emma Jennings...Copeland." Now that I was watching the news I understood why she had used her mothers name, what I didn`t understood was why she had sold the company.

He was still looking confused. I would explain it to him as best as I could because for most people this decision was absurd especially for the media.

Scott saved our dinner from burning, so that we sat at the table eating, quietly. Those news had definetly killed the good mood and send it to kingdom come. Instead of talking about it we both seemed focused on eating and not saying a word. I was certain that those news had damaged everything between us.

"Why did you sell it?" My question came out of nowhere. I just had to knew it although it was none of my business.

"Because I have no idea about this business, this industry and to be honest it did bring nothing to my family except of money and trouble. And in addition to that I wanted to break with the old and make a new start. That`s why I am here" there wasn`t a better explanation that that one. I could see that Scott still couldn`t understand it.

I from all of the people should understand it but I didn`t. I couldn`t. Maybe I couldn`t understand that he had sold it to my old company. They were superficial and they way I knew Emma I would have expected her to sell to someone who cared about Copeland as a company. Instead it looked like as if she had just sold to the highest-bidding party. It was for sure not a stupid decision but nothing I had expected from her.
"Why did you sell to them? I don`t get it." I wanted to understand it. No I had to understand it. If it would keep standing between us it would ruin everything.

"Because my Dad would have done it the same way. He would have sold to the one who would get the best out of the business and who would pay me the highest price. I thought it was in his interest, his will. I couldn`t have run the business anyways." Okay, this was an explanation I could understand.

"Okay" I softened my facial expressions. Lightend up. I put the plates away, cleaned the table and then served the dessert. Ben and Jerrys with two big spoons in the packaging. Then I went into the living room and got a board game. Somehow we had to get the old spirit back and as I knew this new had been tough to swollow for Emma I thought Ben and Jerrys and good old board games would be a good idea. We played the whole night and ate ice cream. We laughed, we danced and we went just back to having fun.

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