Monday, August 15, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 59

I had taken the bus to the main street of the small town. I would be back for dinner, as Emma wanted to surprise me with dinner. I wanted to find some inspiration in the city. We had been out a couple of times, met some people, made some friends. We had been here now for almost three weeks. It was the longest we had stayed at any of the places we had been to and so far we hadn`t made any plans about leaving. But I had made another plan regarding the future and I wanted to talk about it with my new found friends individually. First I met with the Pubs bartender. We had gotten a long from the beginning on and he seemed to know a lot about my plan. After that I would meet with the bartenders sister to talk about my plan.

I was busy in the kitchen. I had gotten a recipe for lasagne and had already prepared everything. The only thing left to do was popping it into the oven.
Then I disappeared into the bathroom. I knew exactly what I was going to wear.
The black dress that I had bought together with him last week. I still couldn`t believe we had been here for already three weeks. Scott had said he wanted to do something in the city so that I could prepare everything calmly. I mean I couldn`t invite him to my place at the moment and this way it at least felt like inviting him over.
I searched for a clean towel. While going through the drawer my fingers hit against something hard. A small black velvety box. My heart started to speed immediately. I opened it and found a ring. The exact same ring that I fell in love with at the juweller in town. He must have noticed that. I put the box back where it was and went into the shower.

I waited already for half an hour. The Lasagne was already ready and would probably be cold once he came back, so I put it back into the oven so it would hold the warmth a little bit longer. I watched impatiently on the clock.

By now I have waited for an hour. My worries had changed into anger. If he had missed the bus he could have taken a cab. 
He didn`t answer his phone either. I took the truck keys and drove into town, if he would have been on his way I would have seen him on my way, but nothing. He seemed to have forgotten it. I stopped at the parking lot in front of the Pub. This was the most obvious place where he would be. But he wasn`t there. I went to the Diner right around the corner. I wasn`t even through the door when I saw him with this blonde Barbie, how he looked into her eyes.

I saw her the moment she left the Diner. I jumped up and ran after her, but by the time I was out of the Diner she had already started the truck and driven off.

I didn`t notice how the tears rushed into my eyes. I just turned on my heel and ran back to the truck. He had stood me up for that blonde Barbie. Had forgotten that I had made Dinner for him and that I had been waiting. The ring had probably never been meant for me but for that Barbie. What did I think. Getting involved with him.
I threw all of my things into one of my bags, took Balu and threw everything on the truck. Then I took off. I didn`t know where I would go. I just drove without thinking much of the direction I was headed to. When I noticed that I was getting tired and that my head was aching from all the crying I stopped at a Motel, got a room and slept until the next morning.

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