Friday, August 19, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 60

I continued driving without knowing where I was headed until I saw the sign. The sign to the smalltown we had been to first. I remembered our stay as if it had been yesterday. I took the next drive off and ended up in the smalltown. I stopped at the Diner where Anny gave me a warm welcome. Of course she could rent the cabin in the woods again did Anny say and gave me the key.

I had just made myself at home after a walk with Balu and before I made myself a cup of tea and sat down in a chair. I was so angry at myself, so angry that I had gotten involved with him, that I had trusted him and that I had been so wrong about him.
The doorbell rang and interrupted my thoughts. Hopefully it wasn`t Scott. That was the last I needed. I looked through the small window beside the door. It was Martha with Lexie. I opened the door and before I completely opened the door I could already feel Lexies arms around me.

"Excuse me" Martha said "Anny said that you were back in town and Lexie wanted to pay you a visit."
"That`s okay. She can stay here and I will bring her back tonight," I said. It was exactly what I needed. Lexies way of handling every throwback the way it came and to find a way out of it. I would make it through life without Scott. I knew that the moment I saw Lexie.

"Okay, thank you," Martha said and added wondering "isn`t your husband there?" I rememberd that we never corrected this misunderstanding but now I would do it.
"Oh, Scott is just a friend." Martha looked at me raising her eyebrows and then excused herself for the misunderstanding before she left Lexie and me to ourselves. We played together and made Spaghetti Bolognese, than we watched a movie.
Lexie helped me forget the things that happened yesterday.
Lexie had fallen asleep while watching the movie. I did call Martha and let her know that Lexie could stay over night. Martha agreed and so I went and got blanket for her and tucked her in.

Than I began to write.

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