Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 61

When I arrived at the cabin she had already been gone. The drawers where she had her clothes were open. Her bag was gone and Balu and my truck too.
I wasn`t worried about my truck. I didn`t cared much about it. What I was worried about was her. I hoped nothing had happened to her. She had been in a complete turmoil, I had seen that. And it looked exactly the way she must have seen it although it had been different.
I had been late. Really late. I had forgotten the time while I had practiced with Denise. While we went through my plan. I wanted to explain it to her but she didn`t answer her phone.
I had messed it up.
She had come because she had been worried, maybe because she had been angry, too since I had stood her up. And I had messed it up, didn`t react fast enough. Not seen what she had seen. Now I could only hope that nothing had happened to her.
Today I wouldn`t get a rental car and a cab wouldn`t drive me far and I didn`t know a hundret percent where she went. If she had gone back home or somewhere else. 
I knew that she was impulsive in situations like this. She could have been on her way to everywhere.

I called the owner of the cabin. Told her I would leave tomorrow and if she could arrange a rental car.
Then I started packing my things. When I opened the drawer with the towels I saw that the casket with the ring was lying between the top and the bottom towel. So she did find it and saw it.
So I did really ruin it.
What must have been her expactations when she prepared that evening and in what did she ran then?
When I was done packing I went into the kitchen to clean up. Clean up the set table. Then I saw the Lasagne in the oven. I took something off it and couldn`t believe how tasty she was.

I was mad at myself. I should have known that no matter how I would have done it the best way would have always been the direct way then he could have done nothing wrong.

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