Monday, August 29, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 62

When I arrived back home two days later my truck was neither parked in front of my house nor in front of Emmas house instead there was a pack of  reporters in front of her house. I unpacked the car and then called the rental service  to pick it up.
Then I saw the nurse from the hospital how she made her way through the reporters to the house when I looked out of the window.
I remembered that Emma had asked her to look after the house and the plants.
I ran out of the house and over to Emmas house. Liz looked at me confused when she just saw me, without Emma.

"Where is Emma? Didn`t you went on the trip togehter?" she asked me surprised that Emma wasn`t there.
"Well where is she then?", she seemed angry.
"We had a misunderstanding and she took off with my truck."
"And now you want your truck back?" Liz was really angry.
"No, Emma. I want to talk to Emma." I asked her to come in to talk about it in private and Liz agreed.
Liz listened attentively. She agreed that I had messed it up. But she also gave me the chance to explain it. She promised me to let me know once she had heared from Emma and knew where she was.
The waiting will be hell, but would could I do.

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