Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My September TBR

Hi everyone,

lets take a look at my September TBR today.
I know we are nearly halfway through the month so this is up late again.
You know the struggle: roadtrips, housewarmings and keeping up with the pile of books, but now I am here letting you know what is on my list for this month.

Starting with two books I started end of August and took with me into September.
We have Ice Like Fire which is the second book of the Snow Like Ashes Trilogy by Sara Raasch.
(Find my review on Snow Like Ashes here)
In this second book Meira is send on a mission through Primoria to find a way to open the magic chasm.
A more in depth review on this one is coming soon and I will insert a link to the post in this one as soon as it is up so you can find it easier.

Second book would be Fall of Giants by Ken Follet which I will probably still be reading in October. It is a huge chunk of a book and I am happy I decided on an ebook.
This is the first one of a Trilogy and follows different families from different countries throughout the first quarter/half of the 20th century. They eventually cross paths and their stories add up to one big one.
I am 400 pages in so just 620 to go.

So as I read all of the books on my August TBR except of I am Malala by Malala Youssafzai I am transferring this one to my September TBR. If you want to know more about this book check out last months TBR/Wrap up here.

Next on my list are several books I got send for review.

The first one would be Rhapsody by Lauren E. Rico which is the second book of the Reverie Trilogy and it basically continues where Reverie ended. For a more in depth review check back in on Friday this week and I will link a review here.
Rhapsody is available for sale from the 1st of October or you preorder it already now in case you want to read it.

Second book and the one I am currently reading is The Troubles Keeper by Susan May. 
This is also a book which isn`t released yet.
It is different from what I usually read and I am still not sure what to think of. It tells the story of Rory, a busdriver who has this gift of taking troubles from people. One day he takes a trouble that eventually gets himself into trouble as he can`t keep it in the box where he usually stores them.
It is such an interesting concept and I really hope I am finding my way with this one.

Next I got send two short stories by Calvin Demmer one being Hungry Ghosts and second being Labour Day Hunt.
The first one is about a couple who travels to China during the Hungry Ghosts Festival. They finally feel their relationship improving, but this year the ghosts have found a way to prolong their stay in this realm.
In the second one a guy takes a job on Labour Day and gets called to an abandoned warehouse, where some kind of hunt begins.

The last book of the ones I got send that I want to read this month is Beyond the Red Carpet by Debbra Lynn. This is some crime story taking place in the world of Hollywood. I am much looking forward to reading this one as I already got the second one provided by Deb.

So this is my TBR for this month.
Let me know what you are reading in the comments below.

Take care


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