Friday, September 23, 2016

Review: Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch

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Today I am back with YA!
To be more precise with Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch which is the second book of the Snow Like Ashes Trilogy and as per usual this is only spoiler free when you have read the first book, so I leave the link for my spoiler free review on Snow like Ashes here.
So unless you want spoilers for the first one you better head over to another post now because I will start with a short summary of the plot.

So Meira has managed to save Winter from Spring with the help of Cordell and has become Queen of Winter.
In Ice Like Fire we switch between the perspectives of Mather who struggles a lot with his new role and his dreams for winter and his anger towards Cordell, as well as Meiras perspective who is trying to balance being Queen as well as herself.
To repay Cordell for its help Winter had to open up its mines again where they find the magic chasm. Whereas Meira isn't sure if it is a great idea to open it up she is send on a mission throughout Primoria to find a way to open the chasm as Noam demands.

I must admit I had my ups and downs with this one. I loved the first one but this one was very confusing at times. I was really annoyed by Meiras insecurities and doubts, but I guess that just shows how much language can express such confusion when I myself get confused by reading it.
But besides that I must say that the many twists and turns lead to a very surprising ending which I didn't suspected.

The language and descriptions in this book are so beautiful. I often think Sara Raasch is painting the scene with her words for me. I just love this world.

I gave this one a 4 out of 5 stars and really hope the last one will knock me off my feet.

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