Monday, September 26, 2016

Review: Songs from the Violet Cafe by Fiona Kidman

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I am back with another review, but not the last of this month.
I requested a copy of this book Songs from the Violet Cafe by Fiona Kidman via Netgalley and got lucky.

This book spoke to me because of it's Synopsis (although I will present it a bit differently) and its cover.
So let's jump into it.

A boat is burned in a ceremony of letting go of memories.

Years ago a woman named Violet rows with a little boy over a lake. She leaves without the boy letting him stay with her old friend Hugo.

Different family stories unfold and at least one of the woman in those families is working at the Violet Cafe. They are all called troubled women.

1963 Jessie Sadler leaves her home and her path leads her to the Violet Cafe. From there on it all becomes one story. A story of love, friendship, betrayal and sacrifices.

I never read a book by Fiona Kidman before and at first I wasn't sure what to think about it.
The start was rocky, switching between characters and times.
When the 1963 storyline started I felt completely lost at first. The many new characters and the time jumps in their stories were so confusing.

But once I found myself into it and accepted that this would be an overall problem for me throughout the book I managed to focus on the storyline of the beautiful developed characters.

It is a beautiful story of troubled women who are finding their way and themselves in the work at the Violet Cafe.
Besides cultural, religious, generational and gender conflicts this book just shows how life can be.

Because of my issues with this book I am between 3.75 and 4 stars out of 5.
For the story definitely more a 4 stars, for the writing approach more the 3.75.

This beautiful book will be available in 2017.

I really hope you enjoyed this review and maybe found some inspiration.
Let's connect and discuss books in the comments below.

Take care and I see you soon with another bookish post,

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