Friday, September 2, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 63

Lexie visited me nearly daily and with every more day with her it became harder to let her go back to Martha.
My book had taken a form faster than thought. I would be ready soon and then I would need someone to testread it. The first person I thought of was Scott but he wasn`t in the picture any longer. He didn`t belong to my life any longer. Lexie was too young. The only person left was Liz.
I took the phone and called her. She sounded worried when she picked up.
"Where are you? I was worried sick."
"I ended in the smalltown where we stopped first."
I explained her that I was fine, that I wasn`t alone. I told her about Lexie. How she spent the days with me. And that I finally felt that I had found my place in this world. Then I asked her if she would like to read my script. I knew how critical she could be and that made her the right candidate for it. Liz agreed and then we continued to talk about Lexie.

Liz had asked why I didn`t become a foster parent for Lexie and with that she got the ball rolling.
But I didn`t just want to foster her for some time. I wanted to become Lexies family and that was exactly what Martha and I had to talk about.
I brought it up the next day. I wanted to adopt Lexie. Martha explained me the process, helped me fill in the papers and promised to to endorse the adoption.
We did talk to Lexie about it together. She was thrilled about it and refused to leave my site.

I had my life and I was happy. Although the last point on my list was still not crossed off I had everything I needed.

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