Monday, September 12, 2016

Something special for you! Chapter 65

I had just come back from a walk with Lexie in the woods when he arrived.
"Lexie, would you go inside the house and play a bit with Balu? And don`t forget to wash your hands." I said to her.

What does he want here? Did he search for me? Or did Liz talk? If Liz had talked I would definetly kill her. But what did he want here? Did he turned his mind around and rather wanted me than the Barbie? Did he thought he could jump back and forth as he wanted to?

"What do you want here?" I asked him once he had left the car.

"Apologize and explain this misunderstanding." This wouldn`t be easy, that was clear to me once I saw her face.
"Emma I was just there to talk to her about something that was meant for you." She looked even more sceptical.
"And to do so you needed to hold her hand and look lovestruck?" Okay this would be harder than I thought.
"Give me five minutes and then you can decide wether you want me to leave or stay."

I contemplated for a moment. Maybe there was a real explanation to it. I mean I did let him in the dark about who I really was for several weeks.

"Okay, five minutes from now. You better start." He exhaled relieved.

"When we planned this trip you said you didn`t know any longer who you are and that you had lost yourself in all this you know what. And I had the same problem. On our roadtrip I noticed that you are the only person I know who exactly knows who she is. Who loves life and who passes this love on to everyone around her. Who spreads joy just by being there. I knew you were special the very first time I saw you. I just didn`t knew how special you are." She still looked sceptical but at least she was listening.
"Emma don`t you get that I want to be with you?" I sounded desperate I could it here it myself. When I pulled out the ring she immediately pulled back.
"I was at her to figure out how I should do this," I said pointing at the ring.
"I wanted some inspiration from a woman. I wanted to know how I could make this special, that was it. I want to be with you Emma. I love you, Emma." There it was out. The decision was hers now. She still seemed still unfazed, nearly uncaring. I saw how she was thinking. How she wanted to start talking several times but then again didn`t do it.

"I started the adoptionprocess for Lexie." Even though it was a message it implied a question addressed towards me. That she was so careful and cautious for that reason.

"Okay" was my answer. I was in on it. Lexie did deserve a family as much as Emma did. If we would do it, we would do it together, I she said I could stay.

"Okay" was my answer too. With tears in my eyes. I was relieved that he was back. Now I could cross the last point of my list. And in the moment I thought this Scott pulled a page out of his pocket and crossed of the last point on his list. The point on our lists that we both kept a secret. It was the same.

The End

So this is the last chapter of this project. Let me know how you liked it and if I should do something like this again.
I hope you enjoyed it.
And see you soon.


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