Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Review: Beyond the Red Carpet by Debbra Lynn

Hi everyone,

a few weeks ago I was very lucky and got approached by Debbra Lynn who offered me a copy of her books in exchange for honest reviews.
So today I have the first book of the Hollywood Lies Series, Beyond the Red Carpet.

To keep this as spoiler free as possible  the only thing I am going to say to the plot is a Hollywood Lovestory and a murder.

This books begins with technically with a spoiler followed by backstory and some twists and turns. We jump right into the murder situation and get to know the murderer right away, the question I was left with was why and this is where the backstory kicks in. The chapters jump between present and past.

The amazing thing was that the first turn in the story was completely unexpected for me so I was excited to keep reading on.
From the middle of the book I started to get a feeling where this was actually going so that the last major twist wasn't a surprise to me, but it was still well developed and a great turn.

This book is such a quick and enjoyable read and I can already tell that the second book wasn't disappointing either.

It is a solid crime story and the look behind the walls of Hollywood adds great to it.

4 out of 5 stars and a huge thank you to Debbra Lynn for providing me with a copy.

Stay tuned for the Friday's review of the second part.

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