Friday, October 7, 2016

Review: Heart of Stone by Debbra Lynn

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a few weeks ago I was very lucky and got approached by Debbra Lynn who offered me a copy of her books in exchange for honest reviews.
So today I have the review of the second book of the Hollywood Lies series for you, Heart of Stone.

So this review is spoiler free as long as you have read Beyond the Red Carpet. I will link my review to that one here.

So first of, as with the last one the plot itself is really spoilery (is this actually a word?- anyways), it jumps between the past and the present.
You get to know Caleb Stones past. We already met Caleb Stone in the first book and he surprisingly turned out to be not the Detective we expected him to be.
You see the whole backstory of Marcus Donavan's murder unfold from Calebs perspective and how it came to the point that he switched sides.
So as it is simply the first book from another perspective it is really predictable a at times but it never made it boring or slow.

I loved to see how the story developed from his perspective and to get a better understanding of him. It was great to see how became the person he is and the whole "why" behind him.

I got a bit disappointed that it didn't took off where part one ended but that wasn't a huge problem because this way I got to know a lot more about Calebs past.

This is again a solid second part and I gave this 4 out of 5 stars.
As I was a bit disappointed that this one didn't took off where the first one ended I am much looking forward to the third part from the perspective of Detective Jill Keller.

I am back with another bookish post on Monday.

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