Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Review: The Promise of Life by Danielle Bane

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First of all I want to apologize for not posting on Monday, there are good reasons for that so I hope you excuse me.
So today I am back with the review of The Promise of Life by Danielle Bane, Monica Bane and Jonathan Parker.

I requested this book via Netgalley although I was a bit conflicted about it to be honest. I will get a bit deeper into this conflict in the actual review.

So first to the question: What is it about?

We start with Danielle's perspective.
Danielle is living with her boyfriend after she moved out from her parents age 18. Over the time she finds herself in an abusive relationship, something she doesn't want to see at first but something her family had been seeing all a long.
As it wasn't already bad enough Danielle gets pregnant.
In her desperation she turns back to her family asking for their help and support.
During her journey she is faced by the question of whether to keep the baby or to give it up for adoption.

This book doesn't just gives us Danielle's perspective but also her mothers who has been by her side all along and who tells how she experienced all this.

This wasn't it. Last but not least the adoptive father tells the story of the adoptive parents, Danielle has chosen for her baby.

This story is incredible honest, not sugar coating anything.
Especially Danielle's perspective was captivating. Seeing her making her choice and how she prepared herself and later on lived with it...I can't find words for it.

So now we are at my conflict. I am by no means religious but I also don't judge people for their beliefs. I wanted to read this book for the adoptional aspect of it.
This book is highly Christian, for me personally it was a bit too much, but I knew that before I requested it, so I decided to focus on the adoption and the process and feelings they all went through. And for that I am giving 5 out of 5 stars, because it couldn't have been more honest.

I think this book is such a great read and teaches so much. I really liked it and am thankful that I got an ARC.

So for this month this will be my last review.
Friday I will have a special spooktecular book post for you so stay tuned.

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