Monday, November 7, 2016

My current reading and an Update

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry for the lack of posts last week.
I did catch a very bad infection and my main activity was sleeping.
Since I wasn't feeling all well I decided to not post because my posts are usually very depressing then.
I first want to give you a short Update which is necessary due to University and my health.
Some of you may know that I suffer from several chronic diseases (if you want to know more check out the About tag) which flare up under constant stress. Stress is something we all feel different about for me getting up in the middle of the night to be on time at Uni is stressful (and this semester 3 of 5 days require that) as well as learning two new languages while improving one already well known one, as well as several new situations. All in all I am three weeks into this semester and feel completely overwhelmed.
It is not all negative though I decided on taking on that many classes and I will manage them but to do so I need to step a bit back from blogging.
So far I had posts Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I have seen the last three weeks that I can't do that this semester. I can't read as much as I would usually do so I can' give you as much quality content.
So my idea now would be to keep it to the Friday posts and if I have more content I will post it during the weekend. What do you think about it? (Let me know in the comments)

So onto my current reading.

I am currently actively reading 2 (maybe 3) books.

The first one is Haiene (Sharks) by Jens Bjørneboe. This is a required reading for my norwegian literature class. I am so far 50 pages in and really like it. As we have the ocean as a topic again for this class this book is so perfect. It is about a ship that disappeared on its way from Manila to Marseille. You get that impression of the dangerous ocean and how hard it was/is to work on a ship but at the same time how they love what they do. I am really looking forward to see where it goes and I hope to have a review up on this one by the end of the month.

The second one is Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.
So we all know the story of Peter Pan and to be honest as a kid I hated it. I had this thought of a Boy who flew around and would kidnap me from my mom and I just found him cruel (call me a weird kid if you want to).
Once upon a time didn't change that but I thought reading the actual story myself would help me see a different site of the story.
So far I am 50 pages in and I still dislike Peter but I will see how it develops.

The third one is one I am reading whenever I have time and can't grab Peter Pan. Yes I am still not through Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. I am still getting used to historical Fiction. I like the story but it is not my favorite read. It is easy to read language wise but story wise it is not really my thing. But I hope it changes throughout the rest of the story.

Let me know what you are currently reading.

I hope to see you soon and to get some opinions. I am always happy to hear your thoughts as I learn so much from them.

See you soon.
Take care,

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