Sunday, February 5, 2017

Review: Finding Jade by Mary Jennifer Payne

Hello readers,

today I finally have the review of Finding Jade by Mary Jennifer Payne. I requested this book a while ago via Netgalley but never really found the time to read it, although I kept looking into it constantly reading a couple of pages.
So I guess I have to double thank Dundurn here and apologize for my delayed reviews to all my readers and goodreads followers who have seen this on my shelf for at least 3 months now.

So finding Jade is for me difficult to place in a genre, it has a bit of distopian elements but also fantasy, yet again certain elements are so real. One thing I can say for sure is that it is a YA novel.

So we are having the year 2030, climate change has made it difficult to live on our beautiful planet. Teenage girl Jasmine Guzman is living with her mother who suffers from Lupus. But there is more to the story, because a couple of years back Jasmines sister, Jade, got abducted. While no one in Jasmines surroundings believed in Jade being still alive, Jasmine didn't want to give up on her sister.
After Jasmine was send to another school she suddenly noticed all those strange things happening and at some point she finds herself in the place in-between. She gets to know that she is a seer and how powerful she and Jade are together. She learns that she can save her sister and the adventure starts.
There are angels and demons and can I say it again a place in-between.

So this book is a really fast read, at the beginning I wasn't sure what to think about it and I still wasn't at the end. I really enjoyed the aspect of climate change and criticism. I also enjoyed the part where they try to rescue Jade (not gonna tell you how that ended) but I definitely needed some more explanation to all that Seer, Demon and Angel part and where all that is supposed to go. But thankfully this is a series and I might find out in the next book.

As this book is one of those that I somehow like but somehow also do not know what to say about I rate it with 3/3.25 stars out of 5 stars.

Thanks again to Dundurn and Mary Jennifer Payne for providing me with an egalley of this book.

To my readers who have read this book... please let me know your thoughts on this book, so maybe I can change my mind on some of the points that confused me.

I will be back with another bookish post next Sunday, so see you soon and take care,
📚 Nadja

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