Sunday, April 9, 2017

Review: 'Round Midnight by Laura McBride

Hello readers,

a couple of weeks ago I requested 'Round Midnight by Laura McBride for review. So thank you to Simon & Schuster and Laura McBride for providing me with an e-galley and giving me the chance to review this book in advance.

 This book is set in Las Vegas and is telling the story of four women through six decades.  Early on we start with the story of June Stein who opens the casino El Capitan with her husband in the 1950s. They come to success by hiring the black singer Eddie who is singing in the  casinos nightclub.
 We also meet Honorata who leaves the Philippines as a mail order bride to a businessman from Chicago. Honorata then hits the Jackpot at a casino on a trip to Las Vegas.
Engracia is a Mexican immigrant who once worked at the El Capitan. Her story gets told when she after cleaning at Honoratas opens her employers door to a man with a gun.
And then there is Coral, an African-American teacher who struggles with her own past.
All these women have their own story but how does those come together? How are these women connected?

I honestly rarely have a book I have nothing to complain about, but this one is one of those.

Those characters are so well developed, it is so enjoyable to read their stories, see their lives unfold and how they deal with the ups and downs of life. How conflicts are presented. How real history is build into it and how all this is presented in this setting.

The fact that this describes life without sugar coating anything and being so realistic makes this so real and you feel so much for each of these women. Seeing how criticism to the society is so subtle packed into this story lightened the reading of more serious topics presented a lot up.

I felt it was perfectly balanced when it came to dialogues and thoughts and text and I am overall just impressed by this book.
It is for me a fast enjoyable and also socially educational read and I would lie if I would say I didn't know half way through it that this is a 5 star read for me.

This book will probably make it into this years top ten for me and I couldn't be more thankful to got the chance to read this in advance.

So let me know what you think about 'Round Midnight.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that I will see you again next Sunday for another bookish post.

Take care,
📚 Nadja

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