Sunday, April 9, 2017

What books inspire us to do!

Hello readers,

You might have wondered why there was no post last Sunday and I have to apologize for that.
I have recently read Gizelles Bucket List by Lauren Fern Watt (find an in-depth review here) which is an autobiographical book where Lauren describes her life with her very large English Mastiff Gizelle.
Gizelles time on earth is sadly not as long as Lauren's and when Lauren finds out Gizelles time is running out she makes a Bucket List for her dog.

Now I myself have a wonderful Australien Shepherd and although he has several more years to live I wanted him to experience some things to the fullest and enjoy them while he still can.

One thing on Lauren's Bucket List was to sea the ocean, get the dog to the beach and so it went on mine too.

Last Sunday we packed up for our road trip to the beach and while doing so I got lost in time, which is why I forgot to post and I honestly feel sorry for letting my dear readers down, but I also wanted you all to know that we spend an amazing day walking down the beach, playing...

I experienced a total different side of my dog and it was such a great experience.

I couldn't read that day sadly and on our way back home the road was closed due to an accident so we had to stay over so that I wasn't back at reading the book I wanted to show you today before Wednesday but no worries I finished it on time and you can find my review here.

So to show you how much Gizelles Bucket List inspired us and what a great day we had thanks to that book I will share some pictures with you.

I hope you enjoyed today's random post and I will see you again soon.

Take care,


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