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Review: The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson

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if you have followed me through the last month you know I got obsessed with the Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson. And this week I was so lucky that I had the time to read the third and final book of this trilogy. Now there is actually also a novella to this trilogy called Morrighan which read yeasterday evening in one sitting, that review will be up next Sunday so watch out for that one.

As per usual reviews of a third book might spoil you the first which is The Kiss of Deception (find my review here) and the second book which is The Heart of Betrayal (find my review here) so please, please, please check out those reviews if you haven't read them yet and don't read this one. I do not want to spoil you anything of this series.

Now to make sure your eyes do not accidentally land on something you do not want to see yet I just want to let you that from July on there will be regular Wednesday posts added back in. My Sunday posts will stay for reviews (if you are only here for those, no worries, I got you covered), whereas Wednesday's will be for special "occasions" like guest posts, author interviews, monthly recommendations, etc..
For the monthly recommendations I would be happy to hear from you what you want me to show you, so please leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

Now finally onto today's review.

Lia, Rafe and his comrades made it out of Venda. Now from there the big question is will they make it to Dalbreck? What adventures will they face on their way?
On Lia's mind is another question, can she make it to Morrighan to warn her kingdom of an attack by the Vendan Komizar? Will she be able to expose the traitors in her own kingdom?
How will Rafe be welcomed back home after his long absence?
What will happen between Lia and Rafe? And what is with Kaden?

Now this book is again full of politics, just like the second one, but this time I felt it was a lot more balanced with the history of the kingdoms, the friendships and romance which although it was longer it read a lot faster.
I literally went through all the emotions with this book. I was at times so close to fighting my tears, because omg I would have shipped her with both and the romance struggle was real in this one.  Besides the romance the loyalty in these friendships and the losses touched me so incredible. (If you haven't noticed by now, I was totally living it, it read as if I was a part of the story).
The death of Aster in The Heart of Betrayal still kept hurting me in this book just as much as it hurt Lia, which honestly says it all.
The character developement in this book was even better as in the first two books. I was so much more into this whole world and the history behind it and when everything started to unfold and all my questions finally got answered it really felt as if I was living this story. I was completely in another world.
The writing is so amazing. Mary E. Pearson managed to create a world that immediately drew me in, she developed characters so incredible strong and to me honestly reading it felt like this story became alive around me.

Absolutely 5 out of 5 stars. This whole series is probably one that stays on my favorite list forever, that is going to be re-read several times.

Now at some point I will have to stop telling you how much I loved it, which I will do now.
If you have read this book let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

I will be book with the review of Morrighan next Sunday, so stay tuned.
See you soon.

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