Sunday, July 16, 2017

Review: The New Recruit by Elise Abram

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to finish of this weeks blog tour by Elise Abram in celebration of her new novel The New Recruit I of course want to let you know my thoughts on her novel.

If you haven`t followed along with the blog tour you will find more on The New Recruit and Elise Abram here. You can also read how Elise got the idea for The New Recruit here.

Now lets jump into my review.

The New Recruit is in my eyes a YA Contemporary dealing with the topic of ecoterrorism and how terrorist organisations and cults recruit their people.
This book tells Judiths story, a teenage jewish girl, who has grown up very protected. After her mothers death and her father loosing his well paid job, trying to make ends meet, Judith has to switch from a private jewish school to a public school.
She immediately finds a great friend, but keeps suffering from social anxiety. To help her father she tries finding a job at the mall, where she gets approached from Cain, a so called recruiter who hides a dangerous secret, that Judith completely blinded from his beauty can`t see.

Now the topic of this novel is absolutely intriguing. It is something I always wondered. What is it that people draw to cults or organisations like this one? How do they pick their people? And why can`t people see the truth behind those organisations before they are way too far in it.

I honestly think Elise Abrams portayes the answers to these questions very well which makes it regardless of the heavy topic an enjoyable read. I however kept struggeling with the characters or maybe better said I wondered how naiv Judith can be. The romance was sweet at times, but since you already knew how it would end it was a bit annoying as well. However all those things that annoyed me were actually the answers to the question above! I simply got annoyed because I couldn`t relate to Judith and wanted to shake her and see what was going on. So Elise executed it very well and I absolutely think that this book is a great read.

I rated this book 3.5 out of 5 stars as I struggled so much with the main character Judith, I however think that the plot is very intriguing and it was a really quick read for such a heavy topic.

Thank you very much to Elise for touring Fit & Beautiful heart reads and for providing me with a review galley.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and I will see you again on Wednesday for another bookish post.

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