Monday, July 10, 2017

The New Recruit by Elise Abram *Blog Tour* Author Close up and Book Blurb

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this week I am happy to welcome Elise Abram to Fit & Beautiful heart reads to celebrate her new novel The New Recruit.

Lets take a closer look at Elise`s novel before we jump to a little author close up.

Here is the blurb I got from Elise:

When sixteen-year-old Judith meets Cain, she has no idea what she's getting herself into. Cain is the most beautiful human being Judith has ever seen, but he hides a dangerous secret. When Jo-Jo, Cain's surrogate father, offers her a job, she accepts, unaware she's been recruited as a pawn in Jo-Jo's ecoterrorist plot.

THE NEW RECRUIT is a timely story, exploring how, without love and support from those around them, our disenfranchised youth can be so easily misguided.

 Sixteen year old Judith Abraham feels like an outsider. She has just transferred to a new school, has only one friend, and suffers from social anxiety, but when recruiter Cain Barrett offers her a job, her whole life changes. Things are great at first, but the more she learns about Cain's world of climate crusaders, the more she questions his motives behind singling her out. Will Judith find a way out before it's too late?

THE NEW RECRUIT is the first book of a trilogy (followed by Indoctrination) by author Elise Abram, winner of the 2015 A Woman's Write competition for I WAS, AM, WILL BE ALICE. THE NEW RECRUIT is a young adult contemporary romance for the new millennium. In a time when jobs are scarce, politics are unstable, and the future is uncertain, millennials are ripe for recruitment by cults, groups offering a stable world view in exchange for total devotion. THE NEW RECRUIT is meant to be a cautionary tale exploring how, without love and support from those around them, our disenfranchised youth can be so easily misguided.

The New Recruit is for sale at AmazonGoogle PlayiBookstoreKobo and Barnes & Noble Nook.
And trust me when I say it is really intriguing.

Now while working with Elise on this book tour and while reading her novel I kept wondering who is Elise?
Luckily she provided me with a little bio of herself which I find really fascinating.

So prepare yourself to get to know Elise Abram:

Elise Abram is high school teacher of English and Computer Studies, former archeologist, editor, publisher, award winning author, avid reader of literary and science fiction, and student of the human condition. Everything, she does, watches, reads and hears is fodder for her writing. She is passionate about writing and language, cooking, and ABS`s Once Upon a Time. In her spare time she experiments with paleo cookery, knits badly, and writes. She also bakes. Most of the time it doesn`t burn. Her family doesn`t seem to mind.

If you want to get in touch with Elise check out her Social Media: BlogFacebook Author PageTwitter and her Amazon Author Page.

Now this Blog Tour isn`t over yet!!! There is a little more to come this week by Elise. Make sure to stay tuned for her guest post on Wednesday where Elise will talk about The Truth Behind the Fiction.
You will of course get my thoughts on The New Recruit on Sunday.

I hope to see you soon with another bookish post.

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