Wednesday, September 20, 2017

5 weird reading habits

Hello readers,

today I have a quick post about my five weird reading habits. But before I jump into those I want to quickly remind you on the giveaway running on my blog until Tuesday next week. I can give three copies of Achilles by Greg Boose away (chances are high that you might be a winner!) so make sure you entry the Giveaway through the rafflecopter in this post.

So onto my weird reading habits:

1. Not breaking the spine!
This is a commonly known habit of book lovers I guess. But it is my number one rule to under no circumstances break the spine...ever! However sadly big chunky books often end up with one because how shall I read the words in the middle???
The struggle is real. I want my books to look as new as possible which leads me to...

2. Books in a zip lock bag
Yes...if I carry a book with me...which I do most of the times...I carry it in a zip lock bag.
I tend to put my tea mug in my bag and we all know how that can end...

3. Favorite place to read...
In my case in my car, parked in the parking hours from Uni...a tea lunch pack...just reading.
At home I get often distracted and disturbed...the phone mom wants something...the dog wants out, but at that parking lot it is just me and the book. Theoretically it's like being in a bathtub just without that thrilling action of not drowning your book!
(But when I am at home I read with the TV or the radio on...)

4. Looking for the next chapter
Before I start a new chapter I always count pages for the next. I hate having to cut it off in the middle of the chapter. So it is a way to assure I have enough time to finish it before I have to go.
You guessed right that makes me a crappy subway reader...but for long train rides or a flight I am all good.

5. Annotations
I know many people annotate in their books...I do not (unless it's an eBook or a book for Uni/school)
I carry an extra notebook with me where I write down my thoughts on a book or special quotes.

What are your 5 weird reading habits?
Let me know in the comments below.
I will see you again soon for another bookish post (and don't forget to entry the giveaway!)

Take care,
📚 Nadja

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