Friday, September 29, 2017

Author Intetview: J.D. Thompson on Like Broken China

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Today I am happy to welcome J.D. Thompson to the blog who will be answering some questions to her novel Like Broken China. 

1. Like Broken Heart is a woman's fiction novel. Could you give us a short description of the main character and the breaking points in her life?

The main character is Courtney Cook, a thirty year old mom of two who finds herself picking up the pieces of her live after her marriage dissolves

2. Like Broken China is described as a story of heartbreak, through addiction and dealing with the aftermath. How did you come up with this storyline? What made you choose it?

The subject of addiction has always fascinated me. Understanding the mind of an addict works, and more importantly the impact that their actions have on those who love them, was what inspired me to write this novel. So many are affected by the disease and bringing the topic to light was important to me.

3. What challenges did you meet while writing this novel?

Like all of my work before it, what I found most challenging while creating Like Broken China was not so much the writing but the editing process involved. I’ve learned from experience that editing your own work can be a nearly impossible task. This time around I did myself a favor and paid for a professional editing service once the manuscript was complete.

4. What should readers take away from reading this novel?

That life doesn’t end with heartbreak and that more often than not, a person is stronger than they believe. I think another aspect that’simportant to take away from the novel is how important it is to forgive someone, regardless if they deserve your forgiveness or not. 

5. How did you manage to balance out the heartbreak and the humor?

It was a fine line. I tried to keep some of the storyline light despite the heavy context. It was difficult at times because I also didn’t want to make a mockery of the situations that Courtney faced.

Thank you J.D. for your time.

I hope you enjoyed this interview. A book blurb of Like Broken China can be found below.
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About Like Broken China:

Is love enough to repair the pieces of a shattered life?

This is the question plaguing Courtney Cook’s mind as she packs what feels like her whole existence into a 20ft moving van. When she encountered Matt for the first time in a coffee shop ten years prior, she was immediately transfixed. Dark, adventurous and wildly untamed, Matt was everything Courtney didn’t know she wanted. One night of uninhibited abandon is all it took for her to be completely enthralled by the boy without limits. Now with two children, a sky-high mortgage and a marriage crippled by addiction, Courtney finds her world is riddled with cracks that no amount of love can repair. 

Powerful and provoking with humor woven throughout the raw sting of heartbreak, Like Broken China offers an honest take on the decisions two people make and the aftermath that can destroy an entire decade because of them.

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