Sunday, October 29, 2017

Review: Storm of Attraction by Lily Black

Hello readers,

today is time for another Sunday review. A while back Lily Black was so kind to offer me a review copy of Storm of Attraction in exchange for an honest review.

Storm of Attraction is a romantic suspense novel.
Alexa, a young librarian who in her spare time teaches Martial Arts lives in Willowdale. After years her former summer fling Drew returns to Willowdale to open up a Mixed Martial Arts school. Hurt feelings cause some sort of rivalry between those too, while at the same time being highly attracted to each other.
But Drew isn’t Alexa’s biggest problem when she finds out she has a stalker. When things escalate Drew becomes her protector. Will he manage to keep her save? And who says the stalker?

I honestly could have read this in one sitting if I would have had the time. It was highly intriguing. I liked the characters and the Martial Arts aspect of the whole story.
Alexa is a really likeable character, as well as Drew. It was easy to follow, at sometimes even too easy as I really quick had a feeling about who the stalker was and I was right about that. So no surprising twist and turn for me in this one. I felt it really was predictable but this didn’t make it a less enjoyable reading experience.
It was an intriguing and fast read, yet a bit too predictable for my taste so 4 out of 5 stars.

Thanks again to Lily Black for providing me with a review copy.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below when you pick up Storm of Attraction and I see you again soon for another bookish post.

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