Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Review: Perfection by Merphy Napier

Hello readers,

today’s review is dear to my heart. Perfection is the first novel of a dystopian duology by my dear friend Merphy Napier over on Booktube (if you haven’t checked her out go ahead and find her on YouTube). Now I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago but I needed it all to settle in a it first.

Perfection is this “perfectly created world” with “Perfects” and “Non-Perfects”, no crimes, protected through a wall. For its population it is also known to be the last place on earth. “Don’t ask questions and keep the law” is what they have been told and teached all their lives. But what actually happens when you do? Ashton is about to find out when she gets kidnapped a couple of months before her graduation. Living in both worlds, seeing different sites of Perfection she is in constant danger. Will she manage to complete her newfound mission?

As I watch Merphy on Booktube and we have become some sort of reading buddies constantly exchanging our opinions via Goodreads this review was honestly a tough one and I did discuss my opinions first with her, this review is however as honest as it can be.

As for the characters we have Ashton, as a protagonist. Ashton is a Non-Perfect who for most of her life didn’t get along with other Non-Perfects. Her decisions were not always understandable for me and for 70% of the time I struggled with her. At first because her clumsiness is repeated so often and the first 70% of the book she was like America Singer from the Selection to me, but for the last 30% of the book she reminded me a lot of Lia from the Remnant Chronicles and I really started to like her and seeing her development finally understanding her decisions and getting a feeling for her character.
We also have Kaleb who I actually liked the most throughout the book. He was so funny and thoughtful and just for me a really likeable character and love interest. He seemed like a real person with flaws and not like the perfect mister dreamy who honestly gets a lot presented in YA and who annoys me every time.
It was really fast paced although in the beginning I felt more telling than showing which I usually do not like that much but I felt the further I got into the story the more it changed. So it became more and more enjoyable to read for me writing style wise.
As for the world building I felt it was a bit too slowly presented throughout the novel. I didn’t really understand how Perfection worked a 100% until the end. Throughout the novel I felt I was missing information which made it at times hard to understand.

Overall this still is a highly enjoyable and philosophical, ethical dystopian that is fast past with a really intriguing plot and likeable characters.
I gave this 4 out of 5 stars and am looking forward to the conclusion.

I really hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and I see you again soon for another bookish post.

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