Sunday, December 3, 2017

Competitive Reading - A Wrap Up - New Books on my Shelf

Hello readers,

You may wonder “where is the Sunday review?” - Sorry not today.
I have seen a topic that has been discussed frequently in the bookish community.
Competitive reading or the pressure to read more, buy more books, etc.
Today I wanted to respond on it from my point of view.
I love reading books that I pick for myself or take a look into books people recommend me and I also like  reviewing books. This however can also make me feel pressured, but that is due to myself and not due to the bookish community! It’s goals I set myself and I am perfectly aware that I do not need to reach them.
This however is different for me when it comes to reading novels that are required for my classes. They are often books I would have never picked up, there are no fun to read for me and I need to read them in a hurry. So those books pressure me a lot and by that often slow down my enjoyable and fun reading, as well as my blogging. But over the last couple of months I have seen that I do blogging like my reading for fun and I rather skip a week of blogging than bringing you just something.
So my response is that it is not the bookish community that pressures or makes it a competition it’s a problem caused by myself (well and my studies).

With that said I want to move on to November’s Wrap up. I have finished three novels and am 530 pages into Jane Eyre.
First book I finished this month was Kallocain by Karin Boye, which is a dystopian and i read it for class. I do not have to say much to it. I think I rated it 3 stars because thinking about the time when it’s was written it was a really solid dystopian with many great aspect. So professionally rated 3 stars. Personally I felt the format wasn’t really my think and it was really slowly moving and since it was a must read that has been read in a hurry I didn’t really enjoy it.

Second book I finished was German Autumn (Tysk höst) by Stig Dagerman and another book for class, while being forced to read this this one actually read really fast and was really interesting. The writing style made it easy to understand while at the same time painting a realistic picture of the situation.
I rated it 4 stars.

As per usual I do not review books I read for class. There are too many negative personal emotions towards the book that actually most times have nothing to do with the book but more with the situation I had to read them in.

And the book I picked for myself in November was Madam Tulip by David Ahern, which I have an in depth review of on the blog under the review tag.

As for Jane Eyre I wanted to finish it in November but with the beginning of the third part I needed a break from it and picked up Touch by Claire North. I am about 50 pages into that one.

I decided on not doing a December TBR. It is a stressful month with lots of required reading. So I rather wanted to let you now about the new books on my shelf because those are the ones I am most excited about reading. Besides Touch I picked up the Gunslinger by Stephen King which is the first book of his epic Fantasy Series The Dark Tower. I also picked up book four of the “Millenium Trilogy” by Stieg Larsson which is continued by David Lagercrantz after Stieg Larson’s notes if I am remembering right. And I really can’t wait to pick up The Girl in the Spider’s Web. Loved the first three books and the characters so I hope I won’t get disappointed.
And for my new books on my kindle I picked Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

That’s it for today. Let me know your thoughts and what you are reading in the comments below and I see you again soon for another bookish post.

Take care,
📚 Nadja

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