Sunday, January 7, 2018

Review: Touch by Claire North

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today I have my usual Sunday review for you. It has become a tradition in 2017 and I also want to keep it up in this year. Starting the year of with a review of Touch by Claire North, which is actually difficult to put into one genre, but I would say it is a scifi thriller/mystery.

We have Kepler, who is the main character who moves into bodies by touching them and taking their lived and making them his. So he is like a ghost but in the meaning of a parasite. Through out the story Kepler tries to solve the murder of one of his bodies by moving through different other bodies.

As difficult as it is to give you a synopsis of this book as difficult was it to read. We have a purposely unlikeable main character, but I felt except of one character everyone single one was unlikeable and unrelateable. Which is on purpose, it shall be like that, but it was definetly not really for me. It was at times really confusing due to the switches of bodies and by that also of perspectives. I found myself at times not knowing in which body Kepler was now and had to get back to read the page again (which I honestly do not really like). Kepler also travels back in time to get to the bottom of the mystery in the form of recaps. Through the recaps we get to know which other (famous) bodies Kepler inhabitet and what he experienced with them.

I honestly loved the idea of this book. It is very unique and has somewhat of an ethical/philosophical idea to it. I however felt that the execution could have been better.
Switches could have been marked of better. Sentences were just left hanging in the air. And although the story itself was intriguing, the writing style was difficult to get used to for me. I do not want to say that the writing itself was bad, I just felt the to me confusing execution of the story itself made it difficult to enjoy the writing.

So afterall the unique concept saved and I gave it careful 3 out of 5 stars, the idea was simply amazing the execution could have been better.

This was all for today and I see you again soon for another bookish post.

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