Sunday, May 13, 2018

Joining Booktube and Sunday Reviews!

Hello readers,

Two weeks ago I joined the lovely Booktube community, which doesn`t mean this blog will die!
I just discovered I wanted to branch out!

You all know I was looking forward to reading Red Rising in February. I loved the concept of it but ended up totally disappointed making it one of my most disappointing reads this year.

Now I know Red Rising is a highly loved and hyped book and I absolutely can see why, but it just wasn`t for me.

In tradition of Sunday Reviews on this blog, I also brought them to my booktube channel, where I today explain (first spoiler free, then getting more into details) why I absolutely didn`t enjoy this book and actually burned it in the Abookalypse Tag which I did on Friday.

I hope we can all still connect about books on both this Blog and Booktube!

I hope to see you again for another bookish post/video.

Take care
📚 Nadja

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